In the future that our liberation army foresees... one's rank in society will be directly tied to the strength of one's Meta Ability. Elevating one's ability will be the only way to really live! Beyond that sheer strength... life has no value!
Geten to Dabi in "Sad Man's Parade"

Geten (外典 Geten?), dubbed Iceman (氷男 Kо̄riotoko?) by Mr. Compress, is a Villain and was a member of the Meta Liberation Army. Later, the Liberation Army and League of Villains came together to form the Paranormal Liberation Front, and she becomes one of its nine lieutenants.


Under her hood, Geten appears to possess pale, messy hair of varying lengths and light-colored eyes that are framed by a set of long eyelashes. Her eyes apparently glow even when the rest of her face is hidden in shadow.

Geten is clad in a thick, dark-colored parka that reaches down below her knees, done up in the center with seven white buttons, with a fur-lined hood that covers ther face from view. She also sports black baggy pants and a pair of lace-up winter boots.



Geten appears to be a loyal warrior of the Liberation Army and is a devout believer in her principles. She feels greatly indebted and thankful to Re-Destro for granting her more power, and desires to create a world where the strongest superpowers stand at the top of the hierarchy.

The ice villain is very proud of her Meta Ability, and claims she has been honing it for years. She is not focused on becoming a hero and never attended school; instead, she's lived her life by constantly training her abilities under the belief that one's greatest worth is the strength of their power.



Geten and Re-Destro

The Grand Commander tasks Geten with dealing with Dabi.

In her youth, Geten didn't attend school and instead focused her efforts on strengthening her power to control ice by herself and became a skilled user. Re-Destro helped Geten hone her Meta Ability. One time, when the Grand Commander was burned, Geten's ability evolved and suddenly allowed her to control the temperature of ice.[2]

In anticipation for the coming conflict against the League of Villains, Re-Destro assigned Geten to deal with the League's most troublesome Meta Ability, Dabi's long-ranged flames. Re-Destro claims Geten is the keystone of the entire Army and entrusts her to protect their cause.[3]

Meta Liberation Army Arc

Just prior to Re-Destro declaring war on the League of Villains, Geten attends a meeting along with the top brass of the organization.[4] They manage to capture Giran and use him as bait to lead the League of Villains into Deika City.

Dabi clashes with Geten

"You'd best not think your little campfire can melt my ice!

Geten is tasked with dealing with the League's only wide-range fighter, Dabi. She conceals her presence and tries to crush Dabi with a pair of giant ice gauntlets. The wielder of blue flames is able to evade the attack and appears unimpressed by his opponent's ice.[5] The hooded warrior asks Dabi why he didn't release his flames at the start of the war, suggesting something is wrong with his Meta Ability.

Dabi soon counters with a flame attack that melts Geten's ice. The ice warrior propels herself into the air and collects all the ice in the area to form a giant floating mass of ice. She tells Dabi that she has spent her entire life honing her Quirk, and Dabi's flames cannot hope to melt it. The elements collide, splitting the battlefield.[6]

Geten confronts Gigantomachia

Geten tries to stop the giant monster Gigantomachia from heading to Re-Destro's location.

Dabi's flames prove extremely hot and melt away the giant mass of ice. However, Geten uses what's left to freeze the water around them to create more weapons. Dozens of Twice clones flood the area and the ice warrior counter attacks with a massive ice wave that erupts from the underground water lines, devastating numerous city blocks and singlehandedly eliminating the army Twice had created.

Geten claims that in a liberated future, social status will be determined by the strength of someone's Meta Ability. Dabi is annoyed by the statement and tells his opponent to just die already. The ice warrior claims it will be Dabi who dies on this day because she's figured out a weakness - Dabi's flames burn himself if he uses them for prolonged periods of time.[1]

The Paranormal Liberation Front

Geten introduced as a lieutenant for the alliance.

Geten and Dabi's battle continues, and both of them become worn out from the fight. Suddenly, a giant monster invades Deika City, seemingly to aid the League of Villains. Skeptic warns Re-Destro of its appearance but this doesn't stop Geten's concern.[7] Worried for the supreme commander, Geten abandons her bout with Dabi and tries to overwhelm the monster with ice, only to be effortlessly slapped aside by the beast.[3]

Later, after Re-Destro and Tomura's fight is over, Geten is seen standing on stage with the other newly-appointed lieutenants of the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army's united force, the Paranormal Liberation Front, as Re-Destro announces this new alliance to the rest of the old Army.[8]


Ice Manipulation Quirk

Geten's powerful Meta Ability.

Overall Abilities: Re-Destro regards Geten as a valuable asset to the Meta Liberation Army. The ice warrior claims to have spent her entire life mastering her Meta Ability, demonstrating this by creating various sophisticated ice constructions as well as using her ice to launch or lift herself through the air in order to outmaneuver her opponents. Dabi, who is a powerful villain in his own right, was able to tell at a glance that Geten is a strong opponent. She was also able to catch Dabi off guard and completely hide her presence on the battlefield.

Meta Ability

Unnamed Ice Manipulation Quirk: Geten's Meta Ability grants her cryokinesis, the power to freely manipulate all ice nearby using only her mind. She can freely gather, move, and use ice to attack and/or defend. She can control the temperature of her ice and freeze any water in a given area as well, turning it into ice that she can manipulate.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Geten's name translates to "Apocrypha", a word that means "story of unknown author or origin" (外典 Geten?).
  • Geten's villain name alias, "Iceman", comes from the hero mutant of the same name from the Marvel Comics Iceman.
    • Her clothes make her also similar to Megaman franchise's Ice Man.


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