Gang Orca's Sidekicks are a group of makeshift Villains working under Gang Orca during the Provisional Hero License Exam.


Gang Orca's Sidekicks wear black skin-tight bodysuits that cover them entirely, including their faces and hands, which are decorated with thin white lines over their torsos, and various pieces of tan-colored armor pads. Their masks inclide six diamond-shaped eye holes, arranged in a somewhat circular dice pattern, and they’re each equipped with a blue and gray Cement Gun on their right arms.


Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Gang Orca's Sidekicks were enlisted alongside Gang Orca by the Hero Public Safety Commission for the latter phase of the Provisional Hero License Exam. They were to act as villains and attack the students while they try to rescue actors from H.U.C in a disaster zone.

Gang Orca invades

Gang Orca's invasion!

The villains' first advance is halted by Yo Shindo. Tremors created by his Vibrate Quirk destroyed the sidekick's footing and kept them at bay. Gang Orca makes short work of him but the villains are once again impeded by a Quirk, this time a freezing attack from Shoto Todoroki. Inasa Yoarashi arrives shortly after and attacks using vicious gusts of wind.

The students do well to evacuate while putting two strong students on the front line. However, Shoto and Inasa refuse to work together and surprise the villains when their next attacks continue to miss because of their incompatibility.[1] The villains manage to hit Shoto with a blast from a Cement Gun while he's distracted and also land a hit on Inasa by working together with their boss.

Gang Orca stays behind to finish off the duo while the sidekicks try to ruin the evacuation. Izuku Midoriya and Mashirao Ojiro arrive to defend the rescue operations. Meanwhile, Shoto and Inasa trap Gang Orca inside a spiral flame prison.[2] The sidekicks try to save their boss by taking out the fire but Shoto surprises them by wielding both his elements at the same time.

Nagamasa Mora and U.A. students continue to fight back the villains until the test ultimately concludes. Immediately following the exam, the sidekicks apologize to Gang Orca for not doing more to help him.[3]


Cement Gun: Each of Gang Orca's sidekicks is equipped with a specialized hand cannon that shoots out cement paste that hardens in seconds to immobilize any target.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


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