Ugh... should've known... but with Shoto at U.A. and finally able to see mom again... and now that she's starting to cheer up, since you're making an effort... I thought... I thought we might just turn into a real family...
Fuyumi in "The Todoroki Family"

Fuyumi Todoroki ( (とどろき) (ふゆ) () Todoroki Fuyumi?) is the older sister of Shoto Todoroki and the only daughter of Enji Todoroki. She is also a teacher at an unnamed school.


Fuyumi is a young woman of average height with turquoise eyes (gray in the anime). She has white hair, flecked with a few noticeable traces of a crimson-like color, which is mostly shoulder-length aside from the ear-length side bangs she sports and the short clump she leaves hanging down her forehead.

She wears a white dress shirt with a plain grayish peach-colored cardigan, the sleeves worn rolled up to just below her elbows, along with navy blue jeans. She also sports brown dress shoes and a pair of red-framed rectangular glasses.


Fuyumi cares deeply for her family. She took on a nurturing role for her younger brother, Shoto during their mother, Rei's absence. She appears to have an amicable relationship with her mother, whom she visited alongside her brother Natsuo, whom she enjoyed teasing.

Despite showing fear of her father, Fuyumi doesn't resent him like her brothers and tries to get along with him. She was even horrified to watch a news report of him overwhelmed by a villain's attack.[2] Fuyumi is optimistic about the idea of her family changing for the better, taking note of her father's changing attitude and Shoto's revived relationship with their mother.[3]

The feeling that she "couldn't do anything for Shoto" remains in her heart.[4]




  • Fuyumi's name includes the characters for "winter" (?) and "beauty" (?).
  • Fuyumi likes ice cream, and her favorite thing is watching soap operas.[4]
  • According to Natsuo, she can’t handle hot weather.
  • Fuyumi and Kyoka Jiro share the same Japanese voice actor, Kei Shindō.
  • Fuyumi's English voice actor, Kate Oxley, also voices Katsuki Bakugo as a child.


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