Forced Quirk Activation (個性強制発動 Kosei Kyōsei Hatsudō?) is a Quirk, that was stolen from an unknown person, used by All For One.


Forced Quirk Activation allows All For One to forcefully activate someone's Quirk against their will.[1]

Whether the target is conscious or not, the Quirk will work without fail, thus giving All For One a method to use his allies' Quirks without having to worry about their state. Although the Quirk involves piercing the target with black tendrils that have red prominent cracked lines that extend from the users' fingers, it does not appear to seriously harm the person it is being used on.


All For One must know what the Quirk does before using it. So far, it has been used on Kurogiri to activate his Warp Gate and Magne to activate her Magnetism.


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