Foldabody ( () () Shishi?) is the Quirk used by Edgeshot.


Foldabody grants Edgeshot the ability to manipulate the thinness of his body as well as stretch his limbs.

Edgeshot can make his body completely flat and fold it into different forms. This allows him to pass through narrow spaces and move quickly while remaining undetected. The user can shift their body into multiple shapes in an instant, giving them enhanced mobility, striking precision, and flexibility.


Edgeshot slips through the door

Edgeshot's flattened body.

Edgeshot has mastered his Quirk and through intense training, can transform faster than the speed of sound.[1] He incorporates this into his Ninja style very well. Edgeshot flattens his body to pass through doors, allowing him a way into secret passages. He can transform any section of his body at will, and often flattens it into multiple shapes to pierce his opponent's organs.

Edgeshot mainly uses his Quirk to strike quickly and incapacitate his opponents. He does this by folding his body into a thin blade that pierces his opponent's body before they can even react. By cutting off the blood flow to their brain, Edgeshot can knock someone unconscious almost instantly. When Edgeshot did this against Kurogiri, Magne couldn't even fathom what happened because of the heroes speed.[1]

Edgeshot is also capable of fighting in mid-air by folding his body into a drill-like shape and maneuvering around his target.[2]

Super Moves

  • Ninpo: Thousand Sheet Pierce (忍法 千枚通し Ninpō Senmaidōshi?): Shinya flattens and twists himself into a pointed string and then pierces his opponent before cutting off their blood flow in order to knock them unconscious.


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