Fiber Master (ファイバーマスター Faibā Masutā?) is a Quirk used by Best Jeanist.[1]


Fiber Master allows Tsunagu to freely control fiber.

Fiber Master

Best Jeanist remotely controlling All For One's clothing.

Tsunagu has power over all types of cloth, being capable of telekinetic dominance over the threads that compose them. Targets are unable to resist its power as long as they are wearing clothes (although strong enough foes such as All For One can still react against it).

Denim is the easiest textile to manipulate, while sweats are the hardest.[1] And his Fiber Master is not only reduced to control textiles. As long as it's fiber, even many tons of carbon fiber cables made for suspension bridges are his to command with his quirk.[2] It's reasonably assumed that the strength of this Quirk is dependent on the amount of fabric readily available around Tsunagu.


Tsunagu can unravel part of his clothes into fabric strings and manipulate them to restrain targets.[3] As Tsunagu's Hero costume is covered from head to toe with denim, his Quirk specialty, he always has a source of easily controllable fibers for him to weaponize at his disposal.

Another known application includes manipulating fibers of clothes worn by allies for forced evasive maneuvers.


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