Miu & Yu are twins who form the underground idol duo, Feathers, that were called to perform at the Marukane Department Store Live Event.


Miu and Yu are two identical twin girls. They have straight blue hair that is put up in a ponytail on the side, left for Yu and right for Miu. Their eyes are also slightly different in shape, as Yu’s appear to be more inward-tilting and less innocent than Miu’s.

They are shown wearing plain tracksuits with pale lines running down the sides of their arms and legs. Their idol costumes are the same in terms of style and material, with the colors being inverted between the two.


Miu is judgmental and can be very rude, and at first she thinks very little of Pop☆Step, but warms up to her later. Yu, on the other hand, is shown to be much nicer in comparison. Makoto even calls Miu "the mean one".


With Pop☆Step, and the East Naruhata High Dance Squad they form the group of Feather Hats.





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