Erasure ( () (っしょう) Masshō?) is a Quirk used by Shota Aizawa.


This Quirk allows Shota to cancel other Quirk powers and abilities simply by looking at the target.[1]

Shota erasure

Shota's appearance while using his Quirk.

When Erasure is activated, Shota is able to disable a person's "Quirk Factor" for as long as he concentrates on his target, causing any Quirk affected to be rendered inaccessible and unusable. Thus people affected by it become easier for Shota to defeat or restrain. For unknown reasons, Shota's hair stands upwards and his eyes glow in a bright red color whenever the Quirk is in use. The effects of the Quirk wear off if Shota shuts his eyes or looks away from the person he's targeting. This includes if he blinks.[2][3][4][5] Whenever Shota's Quirk gets interrupted, his hair falls down to its original position, which an observant enemy can use to predict a potential opening for an attack.

Due to this Quirk only disabling a person's Quirk Factor, this ability is mostly only useful on Emitter and Transformation-type Quirk (both of which typically rely on their Quirk factor to function). Because of this, Shota can also disable the non-perennial effects of Mutant-Quirks, somewhat disabling their function. For example, he would be capable of making Mashirao Ojiro unable to control his tail, or Tenya Iida activate his leg engines, but he cannot remove those traits from their bodies. Physical strength or abilities that don't come from Quirks are unaffected.[6].


  • Due to the after-effects of the injuries he sustained at the USJ, when Shota activates and deactivates his Quirk, there is now an interval where his Quirk must recharge until he can use it again; Shota is unable to use his Quirk during this recharge interval.


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