Shoto's Past

Enji abuses his family for his own ambitions.

Enji desired to be the top hero and dedicated most of his life to it. However, All Might was always the most popular hero and eventually Enji realized the gap was way too big and began to hold a sense of fear and begrudging respect towards the latter. Out of spite and envy for All Might's Hero ranking, Enji bought out Rei's family in order to get his hands on her Quirk. Forcing her into a Quirk Marriage, Enji attempted to conceive and raise a child with a combination of their Quirks that would be strong enough to usurp All Might.[1][2] After having several other children, Enji eventually found his "masterpiece" in his fourth child, Shoto.

When Shoto was five years old, Enji began training him to become a Hero. However, the training was harsh and detestable. Enji's wife tried to defend Shoto, saying that he was too young but Enji refused to listen and ordered her to stay out of his way. Enji also prevented Shoto from interacting with his older brothers and sister. After his wife threw boiling water over Shoto, Enji had her admitted to a mental hospital.[3]

Years later Endeavor attended a meeting with other Pro Heroes and the Police Force to speak about the unwilling civilians injected with Trigger. The officer explained that the people in question were more like victims than villains. Endeavor argued that any public use of a Quirk is illegal and that they should treat them as villains and let the police investigate the backgrounds of future captures. He said this was the only way to protect the innocent while not risking themselves through hesitating every time they see a new enemy. All Might, who was not present, had his reply to the problem delivered by Naomasa Tsukauchi. He stated that he would assess the situation at the scene more carefully because as heroes they must not bring harm to innocent citizens. This was in direct opposition to Endeavor's answer, greatly angering him. After the meeting ended, Suicide Bomb attacked the police station. Endeavor, still fuming over what had just transpired, decided he was going to incinerate the villain. However, the villain's quirk would have had a volatile react to Endeavor's quirk. The incident was then taken care of by Eraser Head and Midnight.


Entrance Exam Arc

Endeavor's photo is posted on a billboard screen when Pro Heroes unite to fight a giant enemy. He is later seen in a television ad for U.A. High School.[4] He is first mentioned in a list of notable U.A. alumni.[5]

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Endeavor comes up in a conversation between fans about how his son is participating in the U.A. Sports Festival. Shoto mentions Endeavor as his "old man" when he wishes to display his ice power on stronger foes than the giant robot villains.[6] When the Cavalry Battle begins, Endeavor watches furiously from the bleachers as Shoto tells his team he never uses his left side in combat.[7]

Endeavor continues watching the Sports Festival while Shoto and his team battle Team Midoriya for the ten million points that would win the Cavalry Battle. He notes that Izuku Midoriya is exploiting Shoto's weakness by keeping to his left side, and says Shoto is foolish for allowing his opponent to do so. During the intermission following the Cavalry battle, All Might greets Endeavor in a stairwell.[8]

All Might talks with Endeavor

All Might greets Endeavor.

All Might says that they have not spoken to each other in ten years and he wants to catch up. Endeavor angrily tells him to get lost and to stop acting like old friends. As Endeavor leaves, All Might says that Shoto was able to perform well using half his power and asks for advice on how to raise the next generation of heroes. Endeavor dismisses his request and states Shoto will be a hero that will surpass All Might even though he is going through his rebellious phase. He walks away after disconcerting All Might by saying it is the reason he "created" Shoto.[9][10]

Prior to the final round, Endeavor confronts Shoto before his match with Hanta Sero. He berates his son, telling Shoto that he could have easily taken first in the first and second rounds of the festival had he used his flames. Endeavor reminds Shoto that his purpose is to surpass All Might and that unlike his siblings, Shoto is his greatest masterpiece. This only angers Shoto, who replies that he will not give Endeavor the satisfaction and only use his mother's Quirk. As Shoto excuses himself, Endeavor tells him that even if that works for the festival Shoto will eventually find the limits of that power.[11]

Izuku and Endeavor

Endeavor tells Izuku not to hold back against Shoto.

Endeavor encounters Izuku on his way to face Shoto in the second round of the finals. He tells Izuku he was impressed with his performance against "the brainwashing guy" and notes his Quirk is similar to All Might's. As Izuku tries to excuse himself, Endeavor tells him Shoto has a duty to usurp All Might and this next match will prove to be an excellent benchmark. He asks Izuku to hit Shoto hard, and to do his best not to disgrace either of them. He apologizes for interrupting Izuku and prepares to leave, but is halted when Izuku states he is not All Might. Izuku goes on to say that Shoto may be his son, but he is not Endeavor. Endeavor is slightly annoyed, and goes to the tournament arena to watch the match.[12]

Once Shoto finally ignites his flames during his battle with Izuku, Endeavor explodes with wicked excitement and satisfaction. He is ecstatic to see his son has decided to use his left side and approaches the edge of the stands, shouting, proudly that Shoto will fulfill his ambitions.[13]

Shoto forgot about Endeavor

Endeavor congratulates Shoto on his victory.

Afterwards, Endeavor meets Shoto in the corridor. He tells Shoto that he needs to gain more control of his fire, and that he is proud of him for using it at all. Endeavor goes on to say that after he graduates, he will allow Shoto to work alongside him.

However, Shoto says that he cannot change so easily and has not rescinded his disavowal of him. Shoto states that the only reason he used his fire power was because for a split second he completely forgot about Endeavor, and then walks away saying that perhaps he no longer needs his father. Endeavor watches begrudgingly as Shoto defeats Iida using only his ice, pondering why Shoto feels the need to keep holding back.[14]

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

For the draft following the U.A. Sports Festival, Endeavor sends Shoto an internship opportunity at his agency. Shoto notices his father's name among his offers.[15] Endeavor is pleasantly surprised when Shoto actually chooses his agency to intern with during the week following the festival. He questions if Shoto has finally decided to follow him, but his son refutes that and states he will make his own path. Endeavor immediately directs Shoto to get ready to leave so he can show him what it means to be a hero.[16]

They travel to Hosu, Tokyo in hopes of finding Hero Killer: Stain.[17] When chaos erupts in the city, Endeavor instructs Shoto and his sidekicks to follow him into battle. Shoto stops after receiving a message on his phone, prompting Endeavor to yell at him. Even so, Shoto leaves and asks Endeavor to send heroes to a specific location after he has handled the situation.[18]

I am Endeavor

"I am Endeavor!"

Endeavor eventually happens upon Gran Torino fighting against a Nomu. He claims that he will handle the creature himself[19] but is surprised when his initial attack does not instantly KO it. The Nomu uses its Quirk to shoot flames back at Endeavor, but he is unimpressed. Gran Torino warns Endeavor that Nomu may have multiple Quirks, and takes it upon himself to defeat it. Endeavor is impressed with the old man, and asks him to go to the location Shoto gave him earlier. Gran Torino says that they should restrain the Nomu and aid the other heroes, but Endeavor states that he alone will be sufficient.[20]

As the situation with another Nomu fighting against the Pros worsens, Endeavor arrives to save them. He punches away Nomu and breaks its arm before it crushes a female pro. He notices the Nomu has super regenerative abilities and decides to burn away its head to defeat it in their next scuffle, stating that incinerated cells cannot regenerate. The third Nomu flies away with a hero in its talons, prompting Endeavor to tell the other pros to go to where Shoto is so he can chase it himself.

Endeavor chases Nomu

Endeavor chases Nomu.

Endeavor manages to injure the winged Nomu using his Quirks various applications, including scaling a wall and creating a flaming spear to pierce its head. It drops the hero, but continues to flee. Endeavor chases the Nomu until he arrives to a scene where Stain has just killed it. Recognizing the Hero Killer, Endeavor challenges him, but Gran Torino pleads for him to wait as Stain still has Izuku hostage. Stain's mask falls off and he yells that Endeavor is another false hero. Stain goes on to state that only All Might will kill him, and releases a malefic aura that makes even Endeavor take a step back. After Stain suddenly stops, Endeavor notes that he has lost consciousness.[21]

In the aftermath of the incident in Hosu City, Endeavor is given all the credit for Stain's defeat. So Shoto and the others would avoid punishment for using their Quirks illegally to fight the Hero Killer.[22]

Hideout Raid Arc


Endeavor and other top Heroes meet with the Police.

Following the abduction of Katsuki Bakugo by the hands of the League of Villains, Endeavor is recruited by Naomasa Tsukauchi. Detective Tsukauchi assigns Endeavor to the Hideout Raid Team, a task force assigned to rescue Katsuki from the villain's hideout in Kamino Ward. Endeavor meets with the Police alongside Edgeshot, Best Jeanist, Tiger, Gang Orca, Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady, and All Might for a strategy meeting.[23]

Prior to the infiltration, Endeavor complains about cleaning up U.A.'s mess because he's a busy man. Best Jeanist tells him to settle down his ego and to remember that they're both U.A. alumni. That night, Endeavor sets up a perimeter around the villain's hideout with the police.[24]

All Might, Edgeshot, Gran Torino, and Kamui Woods storm the hideout and restrain the villains. Endeavor complains that Edgeshot got to rush in while he remains posted outside. Naomasa explains that the Police needs Endeavor in case any criminal escapes the hideout.[25]

Endeavor attacking Nomu

Endeavor holds the Nomu back.

Suddenly, a black liquid portal sends multiple Nomu to the hideout. Endeavor and the Police Force are unable to help the heroes inside as the villains and Katsuki get warped away.[26]

Endeavor angrily asks Naomasa why the situation has spun out of control. Naomasa believes that Best Jeanist and his squad were compromised at the Nomu factory. All Might defeats the Nomu inside the building and comes outside to confront Endeavor. He asks Endeavor if he has the situation under control. Irritated, Endeavor claims he's not having any trouble and tells All Might to leave and go after the villains.[27]

After apprehending all the Nomu, Naomasa asks Endeavor, Edgeshot, and Kamui Woods to support All Might. Endeavor reaches the destroyed remains of the Nomu Factory and attacks All For One with a stream of flames before the villain can attack All Might. All Might has entered his weakened state and Endeavor is upset by the sight of All Might's body. Endeavor recalls always trying to catch All Might, but always being unable to. He yells at All Might, demanding that the Symbol Of Peace fight and show everyone why he's the better hero.

Endeavor and Edgeshot vs All For One

Endeavor and Edgeshot attack All For One.

All For One interrupts and tells Endeavor to leave if he's just going to encourage All Might. Edgeshot attacks All For One and tells him the heroes are there to assist. Endeavor and Edgeshot work together against All For One while Kamui Woods saves Best Jeanist and the other injured members of the Hideout Raid Team. The other heroes encourage All Might despite his appearance and All For One grows tired of the sentimental talk. The villain uses a giant air cannon to blow Endeavor and Edgeshot away so that he can fight All Might one on one. [28]

All Might ultimately defeats All For One and is forced to retire in the aftermath. Enraged, Endeavor returns home, without All Might around, Endeavor must become the new No.1 hero. Endeavor refuses to accept the rank of number one in this manner, enraging him and leading him to set his training hall on fire. [29]

Remedial Course Arc

Shoto ignoring his father

Endeavor "encourages" his son.

During the Second Provisional Hero License Training Exam, Endeavor furiously enters, thanking All Might for looking after Shoto. He then demands to have a proper chat with All Might. Endeavor along with All Might and Present Mic enter the room where the training was being held, and Endeavor shouts Shoto's name to encourage him and gains the attention of everyone there. Everyone in the room were merely curious as to why he was there, but they grew ecstatic upon noticing All Might with him.[30]

Endeavor asks the former Number One Hero what the Symbol Of Peace is, telling him about how he became the Number Two Hero at the young age of 20 but immediately knew he would never beat All Might, which is why he entrusted everything to Shoto. In response, All Might states that he always believed that the country needed a symbol to be their beacon of light, and in doing so he ignored the people around him, such as his former sidekick. All Might tells Endeavor that he knows his struggle of filling in his spot as the Number One Hero and tells him he does not need to follow in his footsteps to become the same symbol but find his own way of doing things instead.[31]

Enji later congratulates Shoto after he succeeded in his Hero license exam and tries to pat his son on the head, though Shoto gives him the cold shoulder. Undeterred by this rejection, Enji simply tells his son that he would try to be a better hero and man that Shoto could be proud of.[1]

Pro Hero Arc

Endeavor 2nd Hero Costume

Endeavor is named the new No.1 Hero

It is time for the broadcast of the JP Hero Billboard Chart; this announcement is being held at Kamino for its importance and is special for the fact that All Might will not be on the chart for the first time as well as the top ten Heroes themselves appearing on stage for the presentation of their rankings. The new Number One Hero is revealed to be the same Hero who temporarily received the ranking; it is none other than the Flame Hero Endeavor who is wearing a new Hero costume.[32]

While speaking, the new Number Two Hero, Hawks, asks Endeavor what it is like to be the Number One Hero, but receives a glare from the Flame Hero. Remembering what All Might advised him, Endeavor says one thing; to just watch him. This surprises the Heroes in the stadium as Hawks claps.

Back stage, an angry Endeavor confronts Hawks and is not too pleased with his behavior. Hawks convinces Endeavor that he was simply trying to make an impact so that Endeavor could look better. Hawks reveals that he was never an All Might fan and never wanted to be like him but his retirement was a big shock to him. Hawks believes that society does not need an icon Hero like All Might but a leader with a mental fortitude to support them all, believing that Endeavor has such a quality and is impressed by him. Although he is not able to tell if Hawks is being truthful, sarcastic or mocking him, Endeavor wonders why Hawks does not become this leader, to which Hawks admits that he would rather be lower in the rankings so that he would have more freedom. Unimpressed with Hawks' immaturity, Endeavor bluntly states his displeasure for Hawks and ends their conversation, telling him to apologize to everyone else.

As Endeavor walks away, Hawks tells Endeavor the reason he wanted to talk to him; in his area the number of concerning sightings has been making him worry and he would like to team up with the Number 1 Hero. These sightings have to do with Nomus, which catches Endeavor's attention.[33]

While walking the streets, a villain is struck down by Hawks' black feathers. As he strikes down the villain, Hawks' tells Endeavor about a restaurant they can eat at so that they can discuss business. A dog is almost run over by a truck but Hawks' black feathers carry the dog to safety, all the while Hawks is busy occupied with his talk with Endeavor. Soon, the public takes note of Hawks' rare appearance and some of them take photos with him while Endeavor nonchalantly stands by. The people take notice of Endeavor but are reluctant to make contact with him; one kid bets his friend to ask for Endeavor's autograph. Seeing this, Endeavor welcomes this and allows the kid to approach him. However, the kid is taken aback by Endeavor's new attitude and believes that him being a gruff and angry Hero suited him better and shies away as his friend apologizes for him, while the event leaves Endeavor confused.

At the Umai Building, Hawks tells Endeavor that after U.A's Sports Festival he sent an offer to his son Shoto. However, Hawks is happy that Fumikage was the one who ended up coming since Shoto failed the Provisional Hero License Exam and having that would have ruined his image, much to Endeavor's anger who finds it strange that Hawks has knowledge of that despite not being a U.A graduate. Having had enough of the useless talk, Endeavor wants to know about the rumors Hawks has been hearing.

Hawks knows that the League of Villains puppets, the modified humans called Nomus, were stored in a facility in Kamino Ward but after they were captured along with All For One they have rarely appeared. However, Hawks isn't able to confirm that the rumors are true, which infuriates Endeavor who tries to leave. Hawks informs Endeavor that the rumors aren't just in his area but the entire country as he has heard it from wives gossiping or school children chatting on the way home. Hawks secretly launched an investigation with the Police Force but they came up dry and after investigating himself by flying throughout the country, all he heard of was rumors. Although never managing to find proof, Hawks, after hearing that everyone knows about Nomus, believes that someone is going around spreading these rumors to strike panic into the public and knows this to be true because the villain they encountered on the way was influenced by a reprinting of Destro's autobiography.

Flashfire Fist - Jet Burn

Endeavor strikes High-End.

Hawks desires for Endeavor to become a leader that can lay these rumors to rest and tell the populace to take it easy. Hawks wants to live in an ideal world where all Heroes can take leisure in their work without ever stressing out, wanting Heroes to have more free time. Suddenly, Hawks and Endeavor notice that something is flying to them; it is the intelligent Nomu, High-End, who is flying towards them. The waitress comes in as Hawks protects her and Endeavor tells the Number Two Hero to evacuate the building. High End smashes in and asks which of them is the strongest. Endeavor notes that the rumors were true and is glad that this was well timed.

High-End prepares to attack but Endeavor takes the initiative first by attacking with Brilliant Scorching Fist: Jet Burn, a blast of fire that sends High End out of the building and damages it. Endeavor takes flight by propelling himself in the air with his fire. Endeavor plans to show the Nomu what it means to be the Number One Hero.[34]

Endeavor continues to face off against High-End while Hawks is surprised that Endeavor can fly to which Endeavor responds that he considers it "not falling" and warns him to not underestimate the Nomu they are facing. When High-End starts regenerating, Endeavor sees that High-End possesses a regeneration Quirk similar to other black Nomus while the white Nomus don't have any special Quirks and assumes that the black Nomus are high quality Nomus with many powerful Quirks. Endeavor deduces High-End to be special among the black Nomus since it can speak. Resolving to capture Nomu alive for interrogation, Endeavor uses Brilliant Scorching Fist: Hell Spider, launching five streams of fire from his finger tips. Although two fire streams hit High-End, it doesn't stop its advance and it lunges into Endeavor, plunging Endeavor into the building with great force and sends him to the other side of it. Endeavor releases a great flare of fire that burns High End's arm, causing it to release Endeavor from its grip. Suddenly, High-End's arm regenerates immediately and grabs hold of Endeavor once again and proceeds to smash him across the building. High-End sends Endeavor out of the building. Endeavor gets a hold of himself and takes note of High-End prowess.

Due to High-End smashing Endeavor across the building, the top half of the building begins collapsing. Hawks uses his Quirk, Mighty Wings which allows him to control and manipulate strong and flexible feathers, to get all the injured civilians out of the building first. As Hawks' feathers begin delivering the injured down to safety, Hawks himself joins the fight and launches three feathers at High End which successfully strikes its arm. Endeavor uses an advanced version of Brilliant Scorching Fist: Hell Spider and strikes High End with multiple fire streams which cuts up its body. Hawks wonders if this move is Endeavor's strongest to which Endeavor comments about it not even being close. The cut up High-End begins regenerating and comments on the fight being interesting.[35]

High-End wonders if Endeavor stopped shooting flames since he isn't able to anymore due to a limitation. Begrudgingly, Endeavor accepts High-End's intuition about his Quirk; the more flames he produces, the more heat continually builds up in his body which raises his body temperature and causes his physical abilities to deteriorate and already knows he is inferior in power and speed to begin with. Endeavor recalls that he started a family for his Quirk's major drawback.

High End reveals another Quirk and is excited to use it on Endeavor. While evading High-End's stretching arms, Endeavor has no choice but to end the battle quickly since he cannot maintain an elongated battle due to his Quirk's drawback. Endeavor ignites viciously and releases a powerful fire blast called Prominence Burn which incinerates High-Ends body completely.

Endeavor is wounded by High-End

High End strikes Endeavor in the face.

Suddenly, Endeavor sees High-End's head and neck and realizes that it tore it off to avoid completely being incinerated. While regenerating, High-End attacks the recuperating Endeavor by impaling his torso and striking him in the face, potentially destroying his left eye. The rest of the Todoroki Family watch the broadcast of the event. At U.A, a broadcast of the battle is showing; Shota Aizawa leaves Eri in No 13's care while he heads towards Endeavor's location. All Might feels powerless to help Endeavor.[36]
Endeavor stands victorious

Endeavor stands victorious.

Still conscious in spite of his injuries, Endeavor uses his flames to lift himself and he attempts to attack High End. However, High End evades the strike and sends the pro hero flying into a building but Endeavor refuses to give in. Using his quirk once more, Endeavor projects himself after the Nomu who wonders if he has regeneration but Endeavor was aware that his body was immobile and he is only raising his flames to propel himself and needs a strategy to kill the Nomu since it was impossible to merely capture it. Hawks then uses his feathers to enhance Endeavor's speed, allowing Endeavor to be launched at the villain.[37]

Thrust by Hawks' feathers, Endeavor uses the speed to attack High End sending them both through the air. He takes note of the Nomu's behavior which is similar to that of a wild beast before noticing his regenerative powers were still active and screams for Hawks to give him more speed to help. After Hawks does so and says that his feathers are practically ash, Endeavor states it is more than enough and uses it to send him and the Nomu far from the city. With nothing to stand in his way, Endeavor uses a finishing move while shouting 'Plus Ultra' noting he always hated his old school's motto, to destroy High End for good. Endeavor emerges from the destruction and strikes a pose, similar to All Might's to show he is victorious. Hawks comes and the two share banter about the pose before moving to get help for Endeavor's wounds. However, they don't get very far as Dabi appears on the scene and greets Endeavor who is confused by the latter's familiarity with him. [38]

Dabi and Endeavor

Endeavor taunted by Dabi.

Endeavor recognizes Dabi through his blurred vision, shouting that Dabi was the one to kill Snatch, even though Dabi does not remember who that is. After formally introducing himself, Dabi puts up a flame wall around the two heroes. Trying to muster up some strength, Endeavor is told by Hawks to rest and that he will take care of Dabi for the both of them. However, Mirko suddenly arrives on the scene and stops Dabi, who decides to call upon an ally to fall back. As he escapes, Dabi taunts Endeavor, referring to him by his full name, Enji Todoroki and wishes to speak with him again before vanishing from the area. With the threat gone, Endeavor blacks out as an announcer shouts the Hero duo's victory.

Recovering at a hospital, a bandaged Endeavor is visited by Hawks.[39]

Two days later, Endeavor is visited by Recovery Girl and Enji is able to avoid dying from his injuries through surgery as well as Recovery Girl's healing, which also saves his eye. However, he is left with a large scar on the left side of his face. Enji and Hawks leave the hospital, and Hawks apologizes to Enji for his injuries. Enji says that his injuries are his own responsibility, and asks Hawks if their encounter with High-End was truly a coincidence. Hawks, flustered by Enji's question, attributes the attack to their high profile presence in the area. Enji leaves as Hawks tells him to get some rest.

Arriving at home, Enji sees Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto eating a meal. Fuyumi happily greets her father as he walks in, and congratulates him on his win against High-End. Shoto sarcastically compliments his father's new scar as he and Natsuo continue to be unenthusiastic around him as Fuyumi becomes frantic and Enji voices he can hear her.

Natsuo, unable to handle the tense situation, gets up to leave the room. Enji stops him and tells his son that if he has something to say, he can just say it. Stirred on by this, Natsuo unleashes his feelings onto him. Enji remains silent as Natsuo tells him that even though his mother and sister have seemingly forgiven him, he sees that he is still the same person who neglected his children and left them to listen to their mother screaming and brother crying. Natsuo then mentions their other sibling, Toya, and that just because Enji defeated a powerful villain, does not mean he has made up for what he has done. After Natsuo's rant ends, Enji calmly responds that he is going to face his past and atone for it.

These words are met with disgust and surprise by Natsuo who leaves as Fuyumi panics, recounting the events that led up this moment and frantically talking to Shoto that she was really happy at the progress she thought was being made and they might be family. A recap of witness testimonies from the battle plays on the television, with focus given to a particular boy who screamed encouragement from the crowd that watched the battle, which led to the crowd cheering Enji to win. Enji remembers the boy, and realizes that the cheering and motivation he received meant a lot to him.

Shoto catches his attention and tells him that Endeavor the hero is amazing, but while he agrees with everything Natsuo said, he still wants to see what kind of parent Enji will become. Shoto also tells him that he understands that a small amount of encouragement can completely alter someone. Hearing this, Enji recalls his brief talk with All Might after his retirement, and strengthens his resolve to work towards the future of his family. He apologizes to Fuyumi and admits he used the wrong words with Natsuo just before.[40]

Joint Training Arc

Enji tries to contact Shoto while at his agency, but receives no reply from his son. Only having his messages marked as read by Shoto.[41]

While handling a thug, he receives a call from Shoto and complains on his timing.[42]

Endeavor Agency Arc

After the Hero Course's Christmas party, Shoto offers Midoriya and Bakugo positions in Endeavor Hero Agency for internship. They accept with approval from All Might and prepare for their internship.[43]

The students meet with Endeavor on an overpass in the city. Endeavor is upset that there are three of them, as he had hoped to intern Shoto alone. He tells them that he only cares about interning Shoto, as he jumps off the overpass, telling them to stand back and watch as he flies off. He looks back to see the three students are right behind him.[44]

The three students chase Endeavor through the city, but Endeavor, using Flashfire, is too fast for them to follow. In a business district, a villain called Starservant was causing havoc with his Glass Manipulation Quirk and had just launched a super move, Enlightened Fallen King sending a giant ball of glass flying down the street. Endeavor flies in and destroys the glass ball with Flashfire Fist, then confronts Starservant, who runs away. As Endeavor gave chase, Starservant led him through an alley where he had three minions ready to ambush. The ambush fails as Midoriya, Bakugo and Hawks arrive and take down the minions, allowing Endeavor to catch Starservant.

As the police arrive to take Starservant away, he starts saying that Endeavor is the root of the darkness that will consume the world, which seems to have some impact on him. He then asks Hawks why he was here. Hawks responds by promoting the Paranormal Liberation Front's book, saying it is a good read. Endeavor is taken aback, possibly under the impression that Hawks had defected to Destro's ideology.[45]

Once at his agency, Enji leaves the three students with the "Flaming Sidekickers," while he locks himself in his office to read the book Hawks gave him. Endeavor noticed that there is something unusual about Hawks's expression while he is offering him Destro's autobiography. Hawks gives him the book asking him to make sure he reads it well, especially the lines that he underlined.[46]

In doing so, Endeavor understands the encrypted message in which Hawks warns him about a threat that will attack within four months. Remembering then a conversation he had with the Public Safety Commission President, who asked him to help students to gain experience fighting Villains, Endeavor finally understands what he has to do. He leaves his office and tells three students that he will train them personally.[47]

Izuku's verbiage

Izuku explaining his Quirk in detail.

Later, at the agency's gym, Endeavor wants Izuku and Katsuki to talk about themselves and ask them what they want to achieve. Izuku is the first to talk, saying he wants to be able to control his power and use it with maximum performance. Also, recently his Quirk has "manifested" in a different way, and wants to use this new power as a weapon.

Endeavor recalls the conversation he had with him, before his battle against Shoto in the tournament of the U.A. Sports Festival. Endeavor empathizes with him since, like him and his sons, he has a Quirk that's able to hurt himself, and tells Izuku that he is like them. Izuku is confused by his words. Then Endeavor asks Katsuki what he wants to achieve, and he replies that he already has a powerfull Quirk and a great mastery with it, and he just wants to find out what it is that he lacks in order to surpass the No. 1 Hero.

Endeavor concludes the presentations and wants to start the training already, but Shoto tells him that he din’t ask him. Endeavor is sure that his goal is to mastering the Flashfire Fist but Shoto is straight up with his father about what he thinks, saying that he come to his agency is to use him and learn from him, but his true inspiration is All Might, and tells him to stop trying to act like a father figure with him in front of his friends. Endeavor grieves at Shoto’s words. He thought Shoto was finally starting to forgive him, but he is wrong. After accepting this, he decides to start the training.

Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto start their Work-Studies

The Hero Work-Studies with Endeavor begins.

Endeavor goes out with his three interns. He tells them the three fundamentals of Hero Work: Rescue, Evacuation and Battle. With his training, they will not only improve their skills and Quirks, but also detect and stop the slightest threats before anyone else, keeping the damage to a minimum. Endeavor ends the lesson by telling Izuku, Shoto and Katsuki that, during the winter break, their task is to beat a villain faster than him, even if only once.[48]

Before going home, Enji recalls his recurring dream in which he sees his wife and children happily sitting around the dinner table, but he is not with them. Enji has another internal monologue that he only approaches his family as a hero, not as a father, and yet his daughter Fuyumi, wishing he could make amends for his mistakes. Endeavor thanks his daughter for all the support she has given him. At dinner, Fuyumi then revealed that Natsuo also did some cooking as well, though Natsuo states that since he over-seasoned the food, Endeavor made him stop. Endeavor apologizes for not knowing prior.

Enji Todoroki praying at the butsudan altar

Enji praying at Toya's altar.

After Natsuo leaves, still unable to sit near his father. While the others were cleaning up, Izuku asks Katsuki if he knew about Shoto's past, to which he reveals he was listening when the two of them were talking during the Sports Festival. Enji overhears this as he walks into another room, to put a plate of food on the Butsudan Buddist altar in their home and puts his hands together in prayer. He once again monologues what he can do for them at this stage and having the same dream. He looks at a picture of his eldest son Toya Todoroki and wishes he was here. [49]

Endeavor comes in the dining room and tells the three boys that he'll be taking them to school. After the three thank Fuyumi for the meal, Endeavor thanks Fuyumi for her hard work, to which she accepts with a smile. As the four return to the Hero Agency, Endeavor tells the three of them that he wants them to try and get stronger on weekdays and weekends if their schedule allows. When Katsuki complains about how small the car is to which the chauffeur complains right back to Endeavor about why he picked up what he considers high school dropouts, to which Endeavor says it's because he was put up top. Endeavor soon notices a man having captured Natsuo in the road's lane lines using a manipulation Quirk and yelling for him to come out. The driver has to swerve and maneuver to avoid running over the villain. Jumping out the car, Endeavor demands that his son be released. The man reveals himself as a villain called Ending who Endeavor recalls that he beat seven years ago and challenges him to a rematch or else his son dies.[50]

Ending yells to Endeavor brings up under the most extreme circumstances, a hero will never kill someone. Ending, however, cites how Endeavor killed Hood and compares himself to said Nomu after the life he's led, so Endeavor doesn't have to worry about killing another "puppet". After Ending is caught off-guard by Shoto and the others, he takes the moment to attack but halts after seeing Natsuo held in the middle, not wanting to endanger him, and allowing the three students to press forward. Once the civilians are safe and Ending is defeated by Shoto, Endeavor embraces Natsuo (who was saved by Katsuki, that is also hugged much to his annoyance), grateful that his son's life is safe, he remarks internally how in one week, the three of them were able to successfully put what he had been teaching them into practice, as their growth was able to save a life.[51]

Endeavor is sincere with his son Natsuo

Endeavor and his son have a heart-to-heart talk

Holding his son and Katsuki, Endeavor asks Natsuo if he's hurt, while Natsuo only mentions how hot Endeavor's grasp is. Natsuo soon breaks free of Endeavor's grasp, as Endeavor reveals that he stopped to think in that moment fearing that if he were to save him, then Natsuo would never speak to him again. Natsuo hears his father confessed that he never meant to neglect him and Fuyumi all those years, but acknowledged that he failed to take responsibility by running away from them. He also acknowledges that he feels it's his own fault for Toya's fate. After Natsuo tells him he doesn't care, for he heard everything from Toya growing up and declares he will never forgive Endeavor because he doesn't see himself as kind as Shoto or Fuyumi. Endeavor states he still came out for Fuyumi and Rei's sakes and that he was trying to respect the feelings of his sister who is trying so hard to fix the family that Endeavor broke, signifying that Endeavor sees Natsuo as kind enough. Endeavor then states that it's okay if Natsuo doesn’t forgive him because he's not looking for it, he just wants to atone for his mistakes. After Natsuo becomes teary-eyed, Natsuo tells him that Fuyumi had been so happy lately, but every time he looks at him, he thinks of everything in the past. He questions why he has to be the only one to try and proactively change and what exactly will Endeavor do to atone. Before Endeavor can respond, Ending speaks up, wailing that his 'arrogant, ferocious flame' is sizzling out. The police eventually arrive where they state Ending used a drug to enhance his Quirk, while noting that they have been decreasing in numbers on the black market. The chauffeur tells Endeavor to watch himself for this was the second person who tried attacking him the past few days while commenting that the evil in society never fades, with Endeavor saying the light doesn't fade either. Endeavor watches the interns talk with Natsuo and comments internally how good Hawks' eyes really are.

After returning home with Natsuo, Endeavor watches Fuyumi worry over her brother. Endeavor then speaks up to commend Fuyumi about the home she is trying to build for her mother to return to and voices how all he could do was rely on her. He then declares that he will have a new house built in a more convenient location for her and Natsuo where she can welcome their mother back to. When Fuyumi questions what he'll do, Endeavor reveals he intends to stay at the abode and live alone, as he realizes that the only thing he can do to help his family to take himself out of the equation.[52]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Endeavor and multiple Heroes from across Japan are rallied by the Hero Commission Service, who reveals that they have info on where the recently formed Paranormal Liberation Front is currently residing thanks to Hawks. Endeavor is assigned a team of his own to raid the Jaku General Hospital. It turns out that this location is where the Nomu are currently manufactured as a result of All For One's defeat back during the Kamino Incident. As the Heroes ready themselves for the upcoming storm, Endeavor hopes that he can contact Hawks once again. [53]

Upon reaching their destined locations, the Heroes all launch their move to take down the Paranormal Liberation Front once and for all. Endeavor leads his team to evacuate any civilians inside Jaku Hospital. While proceeding to do that, Endeavor and a few Pro Heroes discover Doctor Garaki wandering about in a hallway. Endeavor recognizes the man as All For One's right-hand man and primary source behind manufacturing Nomu, vowing to put an end to his madness. [54]

Kyudai attempts to flee the Pro Heroes, only for Shota to stop him with his Capturing Weapon. Endeavor watches on as Shota and Hizashi call out the old bastard for ruining many innocent lives and now its time he'd pay for his crimes. Endeavor also notices Kyudai's appearance deteriorating due to Shota's "Erasure" Quirk. However, Mirko contacts the Hospital Raid team and reveals that multiple Nomu are starting to emerge underground. The Heroes brace themselves as the aforementioned Nomu arrive, much to the dismay of Endeavor himself. Endeavor realizes that as he watches "Kyudai" melt away, the man they just confronted was a Double from Twice's Quirk. [55]

Thankfully, the Heroes don't have to worry about damaging the hospital once Mandalay informs the team that all bystanders have been evacuated. With that being said, Endeavor and his team take on the powerful Nomu without any hesitance. Endeavor also tells the others to try and find the real doctor's location while he's occupied with the Nomu. [56]


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