The Endeavor Hero Agency (エンデヴァー ヒーロー 事務所 Endevā Hīrō Jimusho?)[1] is the Hero Office belonging to the Flame Hero: Endeavor.


Endeavor Hero Agency's office space

Endeavor's Hero Agency is a luxurious skyscraper type building with various floors. The front entrance is decorated with a stylized flaming "E" for Endeavor.

Inside, there is a large office space with several desks and computers. Over 30 sidekicks including Burnin' are constantly dealing with requests and other hero work for Endeavor. The "Flaming Sidekickers" are very passionate and their catchphrase is "Flame On". As the agency of the new No. 1 Hero, the office stays very busy with many of them remaining on standby or going out on patrol. [2]

Endeavor's personal office is a very large room with only a relatively small table and Endeavor's desk inside.[3]


Endeavor Hero Agency
Burnin Icon
Quirk: Unknown


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