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|debut= [[Chapter 4 (Illegals)]]
|debut= [[Chapter 4 (Illegals)]]
{{Nihongo|'''Electric Eel'''|電気ウナギ|Denki Unagi}} is a [[Quirk]] used by [[Teruo Unagisawa]].
{{Nihongo|'''Electric Eel'''|電気ウナギ|Denki Unagi}} is the [[Quirk]] used by [[Teruo Unagisawa]].

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Electric Eel (電気ウナギ Denki Unagi?) is the Quirk used by Teruo Unagisawa.


It is unknown what effects it has under normal conditions, but under the effects of Trigger, this Quirk transforms Teruo into a large, eel-like creature with incredibly slimy skin.[1] Upon being kidnapped and modified, Teruo's arms and legs bulk up and Teruo can discharge a surge of electricity, which then causes him to pass out.[2]

When used by Kuin Hachisuka through a sample collected from Teruo, she is able to emit electricity from her fingers.[3]


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