Elasticity (弾性 (エラスティシティ) Erasutishiti?) is the Quirk used by Danjuro Tobita.


Elasticity allows Danjuro to bestow the property of elasticity to anything he touches.

By making objects elastic, Danjuro can manipulate them to his advantage. For example, an elastic crane may serve as a slingshot to launch him off through long distances.

Gentle bouncing all over the place

Gentle uses his Quirk efficiently.

Through Elasticity, Danjuro is capable of creating trampolines both on solid objects (including the ground) or in the air.[1] Whenever he makes the floor elastic, Danjuro becomes able to move around by bouncing, while weakening the foothold of opponents and pursuers as well. Aerial trampolines may act as barriers, rebounding anything that comes in contact with them and also assisting Danjuro in traveling through the air.


It is impossible to deactivate the effects of the Quirk at will, meaning that the effects of Elasticity only wear off until a certain amount of time passes.[2] If an enemy manages to adapt themselves to the elastic environment Danjuro ends up producing, they may exploit it to their advantage as well.


Elasticity was mostly used by Danjuro to escape crime scenes he was involved in, either by bouncing away or to deal with people trying to stop him. He had enough skill with his Quirk to defeat a small group of Pro Heroes.

Danjuro often disguises the use of his Quirk through his usual flamboyant movements, which may catch opponents by surprise.[3] As he needs to only touch an object to make it elastic (including air, which is invisible), others often don't notice.

Danjuro can also apply the elasticity to the clothes he wears, preventing anyone from pulling his cape to knock him off balance.[4]

Named Super Moves

  • Gently Rebound (ジェントリーリバウンド Jentorī Ribaundo?): Danjuro creates an aerial elastic barrier and after an enemy runs into it, the enemy is blasted away.[3]
  • Gently Trampoline (ジェントリートランポリン Jentorī Toranporin?): Danjuro turns the ground into elastic and after an enemy stands on it the enemy bounces into the air. Tobita can also use this move to bounce himself through the air as a means of air travel.[1]
  • Gently Sandwich (ジェントリーサンドイッチ Jentorī Sandoicchi?): Danjuro creates a series of aerial elastic barriers and pins an opponent under them.[5]


  • Elasticity could be considered the inverse of Pliabody, as it consists of turning one's surroundings elastic, whereas the latter Quirk does it only to the user's own body.
  • The typical Japanese reading of the characters, だんせい, can refer to "elasticity" as well as "gentleman".


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