Earphone Jack (イヤホンジャック Iyahon Jakku?)[1] is a Quirk used by Kyoka Jiro and her mother Mika Jiro.


Earphone Jack grants Kyoka long, controllable earlobes that work like headphone cables.

Kyoka's earlobes are shaped like jacks at their ends, allowing her to plug them into a variety of objects. Those earlobes can further channel the vibrations of Kyoka's own heartbeats, dealing damage to the plugged objects. Moreover, Kyoka can catch faint sounds through her jacks, giving her the ability to hear across even extremely thick walls.

Kyoka's earlobes can stretch up to 6 meters, and the radius of detectable sound is 12 meters. They are sturdy enough to easily pierce hard materials like rock and concrete.


For offense, Earphone Jack can act as a sort of whip, with Kyoka using her jacks to shock targets with vibrations.

Kyoka can plug the jacks into the boots of her costume, which have speakers that allow her to shoot a concentrated blast of sound from her heartbeats in a specific direction. This technique, however, can be countered with a louder, opposing source of sound.

As Earphone Jack is able to emulate actual headphones, Kyoka can plug her jacks into electronic devices in order to listen to audio in private.

Named Super Moves

  • Cancelling (相殺 Sōsai?): This move allows Kyoka to block out other sounds.
  • Heartbeat Fuzz (ハートビートファズ Hātobīto Fazu?): A special move, Kyoka plugs her jacks into the amplifiers on her forearms. Kyoka then slams the amplifiers onto the floor and channels a powerful heartbeat through them that shatters the ground.[2]


  • Horikoshi mentions that Jiro's Quirk is possibly the first Quirk he came up with, way before he even started planning My Hero Academia.[citation needed]
  • This is the first Quirk, other than One For All, that is shown to be used by many people, those being Kyoka and her mother.


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