Deika City (泥花市 Deika-shi?) is a city in Aichi Prefecture of Japan. It is the base of operations for the Meta Liberation Army.


According to Koku Hanabata, Deika City is a "Liberated District" where 90% of the inhabitants, including the heroes, are soldiers for liberation. Upon first glance, Spinner calls the city the perfect size, not too big or small. [1]

Deika is a city in the mountains, so its entrance and exit routes are limited and can easily be manipulated by the army. It's described as a city surrounded by nature, the perfect place for the liberation army to hide. [2]


Central Tower

Deika's central tower was the base of operations for Re-Destro and the Liberation Army. It was where they held Giran hostage before the tower was disintegrated by Tomura Shigaraki.

Known Inhabitants



  • Deika contains the kanji dei (? lit. "mud") and ka (? lit. "flower") put together means "muddy flower".
    • If the kanji is reversed (花泥) they start the saying "it's no crime to steal flowers".


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