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|birthplace = [[Wikipedia:Nara Prefecture|Nara Prefecture]]
|birthplace = [[Wikipedia:Nara Prefecture|Nara Prefecture]]
|bloodtype = AB}}
|bloodtype = AB}}
{{Nihongo|'''Deathgoro'''|デステゴロ|Desutegoro}} is a [[Heroes|Pro Hero]] in ''[[Boku no Hero Academia]]''.
{{Nihongo|'''Deathgoro'''|デステゴロ|Desutegoro}} is a [[Heroes|Pro Hero]].

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Template:Character Deathgoro (デステゴロ Desutegoro?) is a Pro Hero.


Deathgoro is a very tall and has a muscular body with a big chin. He also has short white hair.

In his Hero Costume, he wears large headband with a yellow and black warning patterns. His shirt only covers his arms leaving most of his torso and abs visible, on each of his writs he wears two heavy metal bracelets with the same color pattern as his headband on the sides and wears a light blue pants. His belt also has the same color pattern.


Deathgoro is a serious person who dislikes rash actions since he scolded Izuku for attempting to save Katsuki.


Entrance Exam Arc

Deathgoro guides civilians out of the area while other heroes are fighting a villain.

Later on, he is among the heroes who are trying to stop the mud villain who is controlling Katsuki Bakugou; but Deathgoro cannot do anything since the villain is too fluid. None of the heroes who are present can do something against the villain and Deathgoro clenches his fist in anger. As Deathgoro and the other heroes wait for a hero who is able to hurt the villain, Izuku Midoriya tries to help Katsuki. Deathgoro tries to stop him but Izuku does not listen to him. All of the Heroes then try to help him, but before they can do anything, All Might defeats the villain with one attack. Deathgoro and the other heroes then clean the area. He later scolds Izuku for his actions since he could have been killed.[1]

Sports Festival Arc

Sports Festival Security Guards

Deathgoro assigned as a security guard.

Having been assigned as security, Deathgoro, Kamui Wood, and Mount Lady are seen outside the Sports Festival Stadium. Kamui Wood and Deathgoro originally wanted to scout for talented individuals but they are not able to do that because of the guard duty.[2]

Later, after the rules of the Human Cavalry Battle have been explained, Deathgoro, Kamui Wood, and Mount Lady are in the break room and start discussing the Sports Festival. Deathgoro says that the Sports Festival is all about preparing the young heroes for the real world of heroes and that the Obstacle Race was a way of showing that you need to kick down others to show what you are able to do. Mount Lady, after mentioning that she feels bad about having done that to Kamui Wood, mentions that Heroes need to work together in order to accomplish a goal and the Human Cavalry Battle is a good representation of that.[3]

Quirk and Abilities

Strength Quirk: Deathgoro's currently unnamed Quirk grants him superhuman strength.

5/5 A
1/5 E
2/5 D
2/5 D
3/5 C
Deathgoro's stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book


  • Deathgoro is a smoker.
  • His Hero Name comes from sutegoro (ステゴロ?), a Yakuza term for "hand-to-hand/barehanded combat".



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