Death Arms (デステゴロ Desutegoro?) is a Pro Hero.


Death Arms is a very tall, muscular man of a wide build with slightly-tanned skin. He has a square jaw which juts out a notable amount, small eyes and short white hair, spiked out behind his head.

In his hero costume, he wears large headband with a yellow and black-striped caution pattern, matching his thick wrist-guards and the belt around his waist, a square buckle with a triangular decoration sat in its centre. He wears what looks to be a cyan-colored cardigan, which exposes his lower torso and the centre of his pectorals, held onto his chest on each side by small metal nuts. His pants are dark blue, a white stripe down each side, and are slightly baggy on him, and his shoes are plain black with a simple design.


Death Arms is a serious person who dislikes rash actions since he scolds Izuku Midoriya for attempting to save Katsuki Bakugo.



Unnamed Strength Enhancement Quirk: Death Arms' Quirk is described to be a straight-forward Strength Enhancement Quirk that gives him a level of superhuman strength. This Quirk has not been shown to need to be activated, though he has been seen to bump his fists together before using his strength. Death Arms is capable of holding large objects that are heavy and made of metal, such as telegraph poles.

Death Arms' Quirk allows him to carry things that are far beyond the normal human limits. However, his Quirk has not been displayed to provide him with incredible speed, like One For All does, being focused in his arms along (hence his hero name). Nor has he been shown to be able to jump long distances or have particularly high reflexes. Despite this, it can be assumed that his Quirk is very useful against most villains in close combat.

However, this Quirk is shown to be totally ineffective against the Sludge Villain. It is also shown to not even come close to the power that One For All has.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


5/5 A
1/5 E
2/5 D
2/5 D
3/5 C
Death Arms' stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book


  • Death Arms is a smoker.
  • His hero name comes from sutegoro (ステゴロ?), a Yakuza term for "hand-to-hand/barehanded combat".
  • Death Arms' English voice actor, Cris George, also voices Rikido Sato.


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