Template:Character Infobox/CivilianDavid Shield (デヴィット・シールド Devitto Shīrudo?) is a Sidekick and a scientist who creates support items for heroes. He is the father of Melissa Shield.


In his current appearance, David wears a blue shirt, grey suit pants, and a pair of navy blue sneakers. He also wears glasses and has short, wild-like hair.

In the past, he wore a red hoodie, a lab coat, grey jeans, and black sneakers. He has swept back hair with one strand in the front.



David was in a fire accident when he was in his youth. All Might came to his aid, and that was how they met. While All Might was in America, All Might protected the people from villains, while David assisted him.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes


All Might

David Shield seems to be good friends with All Might. He designed All Might's suits, including his original and current suits. He is unaware of the truth of One for All, but is aware that All Might is getting weaker.

Melissa Shield

Melissa is David Shield's daughter.



Bendy Fingers: His quirk allows him to bend his fingers slightly more than a normal person.


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