La Brava

La Brava and Gentle are partners, as Gentle commits crimes and La Brava records and uploads them. The two seem to be friendly with each other and exchange their motivations. La Brava also admires Gentle and his ideals, in return Gentle appreciates La Brava's efforts in helping him become a notorious villain. Gentle acknowledges Manami's love for him and her dependence on him to be happy. Gentle is even willing to give himself up to the authorities in order to lessen any punishment La Brava might receive as a result of their actions.

Chizome Akaguro

Despite not personally knowing him, Gentle holds some jealously towards Stain, who became popular in the media due to the recording of his arrest going viral. Gentle is currently trying to surpass Stain in internet views, searching for the perfect opportunity to do so.[1]

Izuku Midoriya

At first glance, he treated Izuku as no more than an obstacle that had to be removed, but after learning that he was a student of U.A. High School he developed an interest.[2] As they fought more, he gained a begrudging respect for the latter and steadily confided more of his past to him.[3] After he lost the match and learned of Izuku’s dream, he treated him as an equal and told him to keep moving forward.

Izuku on the other hand, at first treated him like a threat and remained hostile to him.[4] However, after fighting him more and finding out Gentle's past, he treated him with more respect and care. After defeating Gentle he remained worried about him, even after being blasted into the air.[5]


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