Surely we're going to see big changes in our day-to-day lives. At this point, we ought to be looking into how those changes will present themselves and what we can do to prepare.
Daikaku Miyagi in "Unleashed"

Daikaku Miyagi ( (みや) () (だい) (かく) ?) is a newscaster.


Daikaku is quite on old man with noticeable facial wrinkles, who wears his greenish, straw-colored hair slicked back behind his head. His most prominent features are the two horns protruding from each side of his forehead, which are a result of his Quirk.

Daikaku cut off one of his horns in order to relay the news with more ease, a decision considered controversial by his viewers.

He’s always seen wearing a suit, consisting of a dark blue blazer, a pale pink shirt and a brown tie, as well as his square-shaped glasses.




Big Horn: Daikaku's Quirk gives him a pair of bull-like horns on his forehead. He cut the right horn off, though.[1]


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