Daigo (大悟 Daigo?) is one of Wolfram's minions in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Daigo is a middle-aged man with lightly tanned skin and a round head that appears to merge into his thick neck with little distinction. He has small, black eyes that always remain closed, set close together on his face, notably small eyebrows and a visibly hooked nose. His dark hair is very short, and is worn in a round shape on the top of his head with two stripes of hair, that go around the back of his head, visible below.

Like the rest of Wolfram’s minions, Daigo dresses in a black combat suit, complete with a full-face mask, a paler X-shaped design patterning it over his face.



Daigo appears to be a loyal henchman dedicated to Wolfram's cause. He enjoys fighting and commends those who know how to fight well. Daigo takes pride in his own abilities as well, and despite disliking being underestimated, his arrogance caused him to underestimate Katsuki Bakugo in battle.[1]


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Daigo is present alongside all of Wolfram's men when they sneak into I-Island. After setting their plan into motion, Daigo and the others restrain the security guards and take over the Central Tower control room. They follow Wolfram's orders and turn I-Island's security on its citizens, tourists, and Pro Heroes.

Katsuki Bakugo vs Daigo

Daigo duels with Katsuki.

When U.A. students start ascending the tower in an attempt to rescue the hostages, Wolfram sends Daigo and Nobu after them. The duo reaches the 80th floor and notices Katsuki and Eijiro there. The latter tries to explain they got lost, but the villains don't believe them. Nobu attacks, but the villains are quickly frozen by a surprise attack from Shoto Todoroki.

Nobu frees the duo from their icy prison and Daigo transforms into a hulking purple beast. He breaks through Shoto's next ice attack and even shakes off one of Katsuki's explosions. His counterattack sends Eijiro flying into a far away wall. He admits the other two boys know how to fight pretty well.

Daigo engages Katsuki in combat and despite surviving the explosions, can't land a clean hit. Eventually, Katsuki puts him down using his Howitzer Impact technique.[1]



Daigo's Beast Form Quirk

Daigo's gorilla-like form.

Unnamed Beast Form Quirk: Daigo's Quirk gives him the ability to transform into a large, gorilla-like beast. This grants him increased strength that allowed him to break through Shoto's ice with brute force alone. As well as give him great durability that allowed him to shake off Katsuki's explosions.[1]

Battles and Events

Battles & Events


  • Daigo's English voice actor, Nazeeh Tarsha, also voices Electoplant.
  • Daigo’s Quirk may be a reference to the popular Marvel Comics character The Incredible Hulk


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