Curator (キュレーター Kyurētā?) is an original villain from the My Hero Academia: Clash! Heroes Battle arcade game.[1]


Curator Portrait

On his right side, Curator has fair skin, short, messy black hair, and a tired-looking bagged eye. On his left side, his skin is dark blue, his hair white, and his eye is red and stretched very wide. He also has a blowhole on his forehead, as well as very sharp teeth jutting out from his mouth.

The left side of his face is covered by a gray diving helmet with barnacle-shaped protrusions, which has a large collar with a lock hanging in the center. He wears a plain black suit underneath a flamboyant, light purple coat with a tall collar, lined with white fur. He also wears a gold watch and a matching bracelet on each wrist.


He is a cold and calculating individual completely focused on his goals, unless his helmet breaks, then he goes on a berserk rampage attacking everything around him.


He was a horrible and dangerous villain who conspired to dominate humanity.




Curator's full body transformation

Whale ( Kujira?): Curator's Quirk allows him to transform into a sperm-whale. He is capable of transforming his entire body or only part of his body. He can fire a stream of water from his mouth in his full transformation.

Super Moves

  • Click Sound (クリック音 Kurikku-on?): Curator releases a hypersonic wave that paralyzes his opponent.[2]
  • Whale Strike (鯨撃?): Curator headbutts his opponent while transformative into his whale form, then sprays them with a blast of water.[2]


Helmet: Curator uses his helmet to contain his Quirk in normal situations.



Curator is a good friend and companion of Bearhead.


Curator brainwashed her so she would comply with his orders.


  • Curator shares his design with the character Isana from Horikoshi’s previous work, Oumagadoki Zoo.
  • His design may also be a nod to DC supervillain Two-face.


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