Crystallize (結晶 (けっしょう) Kesshō?) is the Quirk used by Yu Hojo.


Crystallize allows Yu to grow a large number of crystals from his body, completely covering his skin with them.

Hojo slashes Tamaki with a crystal sword

Yu Hojo attacking with a crystal sword.

The crystals are shown to be both durable and able to grow virtually instantly.[1] It does not appear to have any limitations to where on the body the crystals can grow from. Yu Hojo also possesses the ability to form his crystals into a sword shape that covers his arm in order to extend his reach.[2] 

Despite their hardness, the crystals are not unbreakable. Yu also keeps his head shaved so that the crystals can grow smoothly, implying that hair may hinder the crystallization process. The crystals also appear to burst through whatever clothes he is wearing.


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