I feel you, Ryukyu! That pain in your heart! Like you're just not good enough!! We need to stand tall and fight on!! We can do it, Ryukyu!! I believe in us!!
Crust in "Wing Hero: Hawks"

Shield Hero: Crust (シールドヒーロー クラスト Shīrudo Hīrō Kurasuto?) is the No. 6 Pro Hero.[1]


Crust is a well-built man with black hair slicked backwards, with a streak of white hair running down from the center of his hairline. The back of his right hand seems to have a layer of crust, probably due to his Quirk.[1]

His hero costume consists of a black mask over his eyes, and attire similar to the armor Spartans would wear, including a green hooded cape and a black shirt that appears to be stitched down the middle with a red pattern.[1]


Crust seems to be a very emotional man, crying out of sorrow for All Might's retirement and crying in regret of not being involved in the Kamino Incident.[2]


Pro Hero Arc

He is introduced during the announcing of the top hero rankings of the year's second semester.[3] He cries over All Might's retirement and his absence during the Kamino Incident, and claims that he will rise up to any challenge he's faced with and do his best.[2]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Crust participated in the raid on Jaku General Hospital, following Mirko into the secret laboratory concealed in the morgue.[4]


Overall Abilities: Crust's abilities are currently unknown, however, his being among the top ten in the Hero rankings suggests that he is a highly capable Hero. Given his epithet of Shield Hero, he presumably specializes in defense.


Shield: Crust's Quirk allows him to grow stone-like shields from his body.[5] He can expand these shields to a large size.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


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