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Crunchyroll is an anime service that was founded in San Francisco, California on May 14th 2006. It was co-founded and managed by Kun Gao, a Chinese-American, and his friends when they graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Currently, Crunchyroll hosts the official sub of the My Hero Academia anime and is the second largest distributor of the anime, behind Funimation.

Streaming and Simulcasting

As with all anime streamed on Crunchyroll, those with a premium membership are able to watch a subbed version of the newest episode 1 hour after it is aired in Japan. Currently, all 63 episodes of the first, second, and third season are available for streaming through Crunchyroll's service.

Partnership with Funimation

In 2016, Crunchyroll and Funimation formed a partnership in which the FunimationNow streaming service became part of Crunchyroll's VRV Premium Subscription. The partnership ended on November 9, 2018 and a select few titles were pulled from both services. All episodes of My Hero Academia are still available to view on Crunchyroll.[1]


While Crunchyroll doesn't produce English translations of the manga on its site, it does sell official translated volumes of My Hero Academia through its shop.

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  • Crunchyroll logo and slogan.
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