A "manly heart", to a life led without regret!

Crimson Riot (紅頬権斗 Kōkyō-Raioto?) is a Pro Hero and the idol of Eijiro Kirishima, whose hero name (Red Riot) is a homage to him.[1]


Crimson Riot is a man with spiky, light-colored hair and he wears a mouth protection mask. He wears a light-colored outfit with a long collar and a cape.


Crimson Riot seems to be a hero with a very strong will who believes that willpower is more important than one's quirk, stating "As long as you got a manly spirit, then quirks don't count for nothing."

Quirk and abilities

Quirk: Crimson Riot's quirk seems to be hardening his hair, making his already horn shaped hair seem even more horn like. The hardening has a black effect.


Field Training Arc

Kirishima mentions that he's aiming for a Hero image which resembles Crimson Riot's. Midnight mentioned how Crimson Riot was a 'man among heroes'.[1]


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