Cow Lady (カウレディ Kau Redi?) is a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Cow Lady is a tall woman with shoulder-length, wavy blonde hair, two thick, curling horns emerging from the sides of her head, and the long, pointed ears of a cow.

She wears a cowboy outfit as her hero costume, with a dark orange cropped-top, laced and tied together at the bottom, over which she has a sleeveless denim jacket with a short rope tied at her neck.

To match her torso gear, Cow Lady dons denim pants which are ripped along the hem, and a western-style belt to hold them up, a large buckle shaped like a cow’s head in the center. She has leather gloves and knee-high boots, a cowboy hat tied around her neck and two tasseled rings around her upper arms, and she wears orange-tinted shades to complete the look.


Cow Lady seens to be a dutiful hero sworn to stop villains. She also appears to be very confident in her abilities as a hero but will work together with others if need be.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

During All Might's time studying abroad in America, two villains rob a casino in Los Angeles California. Electoplant and Cow Lady join the first responders but allow the villains to get away after a short skirmish. They watch from the sidelines as All Might wins the day and they learn about him from David Shield.[1]



Cow ( (うし) Ushi?): Cow Lady's Quirk grants her the ability to transform into a strong cow.



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