As the police... we have to prove that we can do more than just simply taking in the villains that heroes defeat. We need to make some changes.
The Commissioner General in "End of the Beginning, Beginning to the End"

The Commissioner General holds the highest rank in the Police Force.


The Commissioner General is a middle-aged man with dark gray hair and stern eyes, who appears to always be frowning.

He wears a simple black business suit with a black tie.


The Commissioner General is a serious, rude and cynical man who is aware of the potential consequences of losing All Might, a symbol of peace and hope for the population, believing that the government was careless in relying solely on him. He also worries about the safety and capabilities of hero students, who represent the next generation of Heroes.

He is willing to make changes to his department in order to improve the role of the Police Force in arresting Villains.



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