Cluster Bomber is a Super Move used by the Bombers using his Super Regeneration Quirk.


Bombers giant amalgam

Giant mass of flesh.

After the Bombers self-detonate and are fragmented into thousands of pieces, an agent of the Villain Factory can use a device to regenerate and combine the busted Bombers' parts, growing excessively to form a gigantic and uniform mass of flesh until it bursts. But instead of generating an explosion, it releases a swarm of about two hundred mini Bombers to attack the targets. These mini bombers still have the ability to fly and self-detonate.

This Super Move is used for the first time after All Might saved everyone when the Tokyo Sky Egg began to collapse because of Number 6's actions. Said villain decides to use this in revenge for his intervention, decided to cause the greatest number of victims. But All Might manages to destroy all the mini bombers with his Nebraska Smash before they could cause any damage.[1]


  1. My Hero Academia Vigilantes Manga: Chapter 55.

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