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|debut= [[Chapter 61]]
|debut= [[Chapter 61]]
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|image gallery=}}
'''Clones''' is a Quirk used by [[Ectoplasm]].
'''Clones''' is a [[Quirk]] used by [[Ectoplasm]].

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Template:Quirk Clones is a Quirk used by Ectoplasm.


Ectoplasm's Quirk allows him to shoot ectoplasm from his mouth and then use it to transform it into a clone of himself. The maximum number of clones Ectoplasm can create with his ectoplasm is 30 clones. However, if he is in a good mood, Ectoplasm could create as many as 36 clones.

Ectoplasm can also create a very large clone as well, however, by doing so it will decrease the number of clones he can create. Ectoplasm can dispel his clones by willing it.[1]

Named Techniques

  • Forced Internment Giant Bites (強制収容ジャイアントバイツ Kyōsei Shūyō Jaianto Baitsu?): Ectoplasm shoots ectoplasm from his mouth and transforms it into a giant clone of himself. The giant Ectoplasm clone then overwhelms and traps the enemy with a huge bite. He was first seen using this against Fumikage Tokoyami and Tsuyu Asui.


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