Claustro (クレストロ Kuresutoro?) is a weapon developed by Detnerat and used by Re-Destro.


The Detnerat Patented Burden-Amplifying Steel Pressure Mechanism: Claustro is a wearable suit of armor designed for the Grand Commander of the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro. With the use of this support gear, Re-Destro is able to amplify his Stress Meta Ability to at least 150%.

The armor itself is made from mechanized drones that are kept underground. When called upon, the drones surface and connect to Re-Destro's giant, amplified body to create the suit.[1]

The separate pieces of the armor can be dispersed on command and used to fly through the air. The Claustro armor was destroyed in Re-Destro's battle with Tomura Shigaraki.


  • The name of the weapon likely comes from the term claustrophobia, which means a fear of being in confined spaces and being unable to escape, referencing how Rikiya becomes surrounded and confined by the armor he wears in order to fuel his Stress.
  • The armor's design seems to be similar to that of the Marvel armor Hulkbuster, also they both consist of multiple parts, which are stored in a hidden place.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 238.

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