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Christopher Skyline (クリストファー スカイライン Kurisutofā Sukairain?), also known as Captain Celebrity (キャプテン•セレブリティ Kyaputen Sereburiti?), is the top-rank American hero in Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


Christopher is a Caucasian man with a strong build. He has blonde hair and a sharp, chiseled jaw. 


Christopher is arrogant and a stereotypical celebrity. He usually only cares about his appearance and how the public views him. 


His recklessness and pervertedness got him into trouble in the U.S.A, so he moved to Japan to try his luck there and escape his wife.


Quirk and Abilities

Flight: (飛行 Hiko?) Christopher Skyline's Quirk allows him to fly.

Superhuman Strength: Christopher has enough strength to topple Godzilla-sized villain with the force of his punches and with the assistance of his Quirk even lift large ships.[1]


  1. Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals Manga: Chapter 14


  • Captain Celebrity is similar to Booster Gold. Both became heroes just to be famous and both are very arrogant (although Booster Gold generally does care about the public, Captain Celebrity has to be prompted to care).

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