Christopher and Pamela wedding

Christopher has a very complicated relationship with his ex-wife. He feels dread towards Pamela because his constant flirting with other women has resulted in multiple lawsuits involving her; to the point that when Makoto ends up calling her during an interview with him, his demeanor turns a complete 180 and utterly terrified how things are going.[1]

Originally, Pamela outright despised Chris and went out of her way to avoid him, which only served to draw him to her, finding her more blunt and down to earth personality endearing. Eventually over time she came to reciprocate his affections and they were married, with Chris referring to it as the happiest he's ever felt.[2]

And despite all that has happened these feelings still remain true for both, with Chris still loving her, a feeling that is reciprocal, and the news that she is pregnant makes him happy.[3]

Makoto Tsukauchi

Captain Celebrity terrified of Makoto

At first, Makoto Tsukauchi was part of his cheerleading group, and due to his womanizer attitude, Christopher invited Makoto to a date to flirt with her, but when Makoto told him that she became friends with his ex-wife, and she is in contact with her, all attempts to seduce her abandoned him.[1]

From that moment, Makoto went from one of Captain Celebrity cheerleaders to his boss, and now he is completely terrified of her. Makoto Tsukauchi gives him a very busy schedule and does her best to change his attitude and behavior for the better, and improve his public image.[4]

Although he still feels a little scared towards her, Captain Celebrity appreciates everything she did for him, and considers Makoto a good friend.

Koichi Haimawari

At first, Capitan Celebrity felt a little annoyed that Koichi did not know who he was, but then he did not give it much importance. He considered him just an amateur who got into too much trouble trying to do the work of pro heroes. For his part, Koichi could not stand his arrogant and pompous attitude.[5]

Over time, the relationship between both improves. Captain Celebrity recognizes Koichi's courage and does not hesitate to help him when he is in danger. Even so, he tells Koichi that he doesn't appreciate the extra workload he has to take whenever Koichi takes on a villain he can't handle and has to be saved.[4]

Little Sisters

Captain Celebrity playing with the Little Sisters

Christopher has a great relationship with the Little Sisters, since he’s good with kids and they are great fans of him.[6]. It's common to see Christopher play with them. Christopher's appreciation for the girls makes them care about them, he does not even hesitate to risk his life to save them when they are in danger. This could be seen when Christopher saved them from the self-destruction of the Bomber. Using his aerodynamic barrier, he protect the girls, leaving them unharmed of the explosion, despite when he does this he lowers his own protection, suffering several wounds.[3]


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