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Chojuro Kon ( (こん) (ちょう) (じゅう) (ろう) Kon Chōjūrō?),[1] also known by his villain name Chimera (キメラ Kimera?) is a villain working with Nine in My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.


Chojuro is an animalistic-looking man with traits of different animals. While he retains a humanoid figure, he has blue fur, a wolf-like head, hands resembling an eagle's talons and a crocodile's tail. He wears a brown trenchcoat over a blue dress shirt and jeans fastened with a belt, and often has a cigar in his mouth. He styles his dark hair into dreadlocks.


Chojuro holds a deep hatred against society since he was ostracized due to his animal-like appearance. After being saved by Nine, he chose to serve under him in the hopes of creating a new society that would be determined by power.

Chojuro does, however, show a hypocritical side; he disparages Mezo for his monstrous appearance, despite the treatment Chojuro himself received in the past.



Chimera (キメラ Kimera?):[1] Chojuro's Quirk grants him the characteristics of various animals. He can also enlarge his animal traits to monstrous proportions, granting him a tremendous boost in strength and durability.

Chojuro is also capable of expelling fire from his mouth; the fire can also be shot in the form of a large beam of energy.

  • Enhanced Strength: Chojuro possesses immense physical strength, most likely due to his animal traits. He was very easily able to overpower multiple members of Class 1-A at once, including stronger students such as Shoto. He's strong enough to create powerful shockwaves with his punches and is able to destroy the ground with a single stomp. In a flashback, he was implied to be strong enough to take down multiple Pro Heroes in a single confrontation.
  • Enhanced Speed: Chojuro possesses impressive speed, being able to react to Tenya's attacks and overwhelm several of the Class 1-A students.
  • Enhanced Durability: Chojuro was able to withstand and repel multiple types of attacks while sustaining no visible signs of damage. In his powered-up form, he was able to block a kick powered by Tenya's Recipro Turbo using only his tail. After being frozen from the inside out by Shoto, he survived with minimal injury.
  • Enhanced Stamina: During his first battle on Nabu Island, Chojuro was able to fight at a consistent pace, despite being faced with an endless barrage of attacks, and still had plenty of energy to escape afterward. Even after he started to become immobilized in his second battle, Chojuro was still capable of fighting against four members of Class 1-A.



  • Chojuro's given name contains the kanji for "bird" (?), "beast" (?), "man" (?), and "now" (?).
  • Chojuro's villain name, Quirk, and appearance are based on the Chimera of Greek mythology, a monster resembling a hybrid between different animals.
  • Chojuro shares his birthday with Mr. Plastic.


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