Chikuchi Togeike ( (とげ) (いけ) (ちく) () Togeike Chikuchi?) [1] is a student in U.A. High School's General Department.


Chikuchi is a young woman of an average build with dark hair, her ear-length bangs are arched slightly up before they come down, which is styled into a set of low, curved pigtails. She has thin, stern-looking eyes with notable lower eyelashes, and usually wears a sullen expression.

During school hours, she wears the standard U.A. uniform.



Not much is currently known about Chikuchi's personality.


U.A. School Festival Arc

Chikuchi was having a talk with Tsutsutaka Agoyamato, one of her fellow General Department students, where they criticized Class 1-A and their decision to hold a live show to lift the rest of the school's spirits. Katsuki Bakugo overheard this exchange and the students shot him dirty looks, enraging him. This played a part in Katsuki wanting to make 1-A's performance a resounding success so as to silence their critics.[2]


  • Chikuchi's name is comprised of the kanji for "thorn" ( toge?), "pond" (池” ike?), "to build, to construct" ( chiku?), and "youth, child" ( chi?).


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