Chikara Yotsubashi ( () (ばし) 主税 (ちから) Yotsubashi Chikara?),[1] also known as Destro (デストロ Desutoro?), was an infamous villain and the commander and founder of the original Meta Liberation Army.[2]


When he was alive, Chikara had long hair worn into a simple ponytail and wore what seems to be a military uniform. Around his eyes, there appears to be a strange black blotch that apparently functions as some sort of mask.


With the proliferation of the Quirks, the government began to regulate their use. Chikara was against this control system, believing that free use of the Quirks is a basic human right. To fight for that ideal, he founded the Meta Liberation Army and adopted the name Destro, promising to be the man who would "destroy the Status Quo".

He and his organization spent years opposing the country that advanced in establishing superhuman laws. At the end, he was defeated, the Meta Liberation Army disbanded, and the majority of the members captured. During the years in which he was in prison, he wrote a biographical book exposing his ideals. After completing his writing, Chikara committed suicide.[1]

Even years after his death, his book continues to be published, and with the retirement of All Might, it is inspiring a new generation of villains who follow his ideals of Quirk liberation.[3]

When Gentle Criminal mentioned Destro, alongside some of the world's most infamous villain figures, he putting him in the same breath as the likes of All For One.[2]


Overall Abilities: Chikara's abilities are largely unknown, however he has been compared to the extremely powerful All For One.

Leadership Skills: Chikara was the supreme commander of the Meta Liberation Army which opposed a number of nations for several years until its ultimate defeat.


  • Yotsubashi is the name of a railway station in Osaka, Japan.
  • Destro’s story is very similar to that of Yukio Mishima (Kimitake Hiraoka), an author who took his own life in the hope of creating a more militant Japan but failed.


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