Reach Out is the ninetieth chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


All Might and Sensei clash, which creates a shockwave that sends Katsuki, Tomura and the Vanguard Action Squad backwards. Both Sensei and All Might criticize each other for becoming weaker. All Might declares that he will save Katsuki and won’t repeat the same mistake as he did five years ago and this time he will definitely put Sensei behind bars along with the League of Villains. All Might charges at Sensei. However, Sensei sends a huge blast wave at All Might, causing the Symbol of Peace to be sent flying away at great force. Sensei’s blast wave attack not only hits All Might but destroys several buildings in the process.

Katsuki becomes concerned, but Sensei tells Katsuki not to fret since his blast wave attack isn’t strong enough to kill him. Sensei orders Tomura to escape along with Katsuki and comments that his black liquid warping Quirk won’t help Tomura and the League of Villains escape. Sensei uses a Quirk that forcefully activates Kurogiri’s Warp Gate, which causes a portal to open. Sensei orders the League of Villains to escape into Kurogiri’s portal. Suddenly, All Might reappears onto the battlefield, refusing to allow Sensei to escape and charges at him. Before heading into battle, Sensei tells Tomura that he can still grow stronger.

Sensei and All Might clash again. Mr. Compress uses his Quirk on the unconscious Dabi and tells Tomura that they should escape while they can. The League of Villains prepare to take Katsuki while Katsuki prepares for battle. Meanwhile, Izuku, Shouto, Eijirou, Tenya and Momo are still behind the wall and have overheard everything that has transpired.

Himiko, Twice and Mr. Compress engage Katsuki, but Katsuki fends them off with his Explosions. All Might attempts to help Katsuki, but Sensei stops All Might. Izuku knows that they are in a crisis and there aren’t any openings to rescue Katsuki due to Sensei’s presence and Katsuki being outnumbered by the Vanguard Action Squad. Suddenly, Izuku comes up with an idea. Izuku says that the plan won’t involve fighting and that it will enable them to rescue Katsuki and escape. However, the entire plan rests on Eijirou because Katsuki will respond to him due to the friendship they have built up during their time at U.A.. Tenya understands that the plan is a gamble but considering the situation there won’t be much risk due to All Might’s presence.

Izuku puts his plan into action; Izuku and Tenya hold onto Eijirou with Izuku using One For All Full Cowl and Tenya using his Recipro Burst to burst through the wall while Eijirou uses his Hardening to protect himself, Izuku and Tenya. After Izuku, Tenya and Eijirou burst through the wall, Shouto creates an ice ramp; Izuku Tenya and Eijirou jump off Shouto’s ice ramp and head into the sky above the battle between the League of Villains, Katsuki, Sensei and All Might.

Sensei sees the trio and attempts to attack them, but All Might intervenes by punching Sensei. Katsuki sees the trio while Eijirou yells at Katsuki to take his hand. Tomura tries to take Katsuki, but Katsuki uses his Explosion to launch himself towards Izuku, Tenya and Eijirou. Katsuki grabs Eijirou’s hand and smiles.

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