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|next= [[Chapter 90]]
|next= [[Chapter 90]]
'''All For A Certain One''' is the eighty-ninth chapter of [[Kohei Horikoshi]]'s [[Boku no Hero Academia (Manga)|Boku no Hero Academia manga]].
'''All For A Certain One''' is the eighty-ninth chapter of [[Kōhei Horikoshi|Kōhei Horikoshi's]] [[Boku no Hero Academia (Manga)|Boku no Hero Academia]].
== Summary ==
== Summary ==

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Template:Chapter All For A Certain One is the eighty-ninth chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


At the League of Villains’ hideout, Tomura, Kurogiri and the Vanguard Action Squad are entrapped in the mysterious black liquid. All Might and Gran Torino attempt to stop them but the mysterious black liquid teleports Tomura, Kurogiri and the Vanguard Action Squad away from the hideout. Kamui Wood mulls over his failure in restraining the League of Villains while Edgeshot tells him not to worry since they could not do anything either. Four Noumus attack All Might. However, All Might defeats the Noumus with Oklahoma Smash. Outside the hideout, Naomasa along with Endeavor and the Police Force continue battling the dozens of Noumus and have the upper hand. All Might appears and decides to leave the rest to Endeavor.

At the destroyed League of Villains’ warehouse, Best Jeanist along with Mount Lady, Tiger and Orca have survived the blast but are heavily injured. Sensei claps his hands and praises Best Jeanist for using his Quirk to pull his fellow Pro Heroes out of the way in order to reduce the blast’s impact on them. Despite his heavy injuries, Best Jeanist attempts to fight back and begins sending fiber strings. However, Sensei impales Best Jeanist from afar, which seemingly kills Best Jeanist. Sensei mentions that he doesn’t need Best Jeanist’s Quirk because it doesn’t suit Tomura’s personality.

Behind a ruined wall, Izuku along with Shouto, Eijirou, Tenya and Momo are paralyzed by fear due to Sensei’s overwhelming presence and are unable to move. Suddenly, Katsuki materializes from the black liquid in front of Sensei, which catches the attention of Izuku’s group. Sensei apologizes to Katsuki as Tomura, Kurogiri and the Vanguard Action Squad materialize from the black liquid as well. Sensei sees that his apprentice, Tomura, has failed again. However, Sensei is neither angry nor disappointed with Tomura and encourages Tomura to try again since he still has the Vanguard Action Squad and Katsuki whom he deemed important. Sensei implores Tomura to continue trying as many times as he likes since everything is for his sake.

Izuku figures out that the enemy has not realized their location and decides to do something to rescue Katsuki; Izuku plans to use One For All Full Cowl, jump towards Katsuki and run away but he quickly dismisses the plan after seeing that escape is impossible. Izuku attempts to move since the opportunity to save Katsuki is in his grasp unlike last time. However, Tenya stops Izuku from moving.

Suddenly, All Might appears above Sensei and attacks him, but Sensei, who detected his arrival, blocks All Might’s attack. All Might declares that he will take everything back while Sensei wonders if All Might will attempt to kill him again.

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