Decisive is the sixty-third chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


Riding on four-rotor drones, Hizashi and Sensoji fly over the city along with the Buster Union, a team of Pro Heroes with whom they are doing their Hero Work-Studies, to engage a huge villain causing chaos in the city.

During the ride, Sensoji boasts of his new goggles, so Hizashi calls him copycat and reminds him what he said to Shota last time. Sensoji is bothered to hear about Shota, since he considers him a weakling. Hizashi defends his colleague and tells Sensoji that, while Shota overthinks things and a slow start, he is a tough opponent when he digs deep and finds his guts. Sensoji replies that he should stop losing his guts, which Hizashi agrees with.

The leader of the Buster Union tells them to stop the chitchat and prepare to face the villain. Once everyone is ready, the team is ordered to unleash the full power of their Quirks. Everyone unloads on the villian full-steam, but to their surprise, he absorbs all of their attacks, growing several lumps on his back as a result.

Not far from there, Shota and Oboro are patrolling the streets, meeting a bunch of schoolkids. the little kids happily recognize Oboro, and everyone wants to climb on his cloud. Oboro gives them permission, and soon gets crowded on his cloud by the group of toddlers, but he doesn’t mind, and Shota watches them all to make sure they don’t fall and get hurt. Oboro compliments his skill at dealing with kids, and tells him he would do well at a daycare or as a schoolteacher. Shota doubts his aptitude, claiming he has no attributes for kids to like the way he does. Shota is proven wrong after one of the schoolchildren stops to say goodbye.

Oboro argues that his tendency to overthink everything causes him to doubt himself, and tells him he can do anything if he puts his mind to it. He considers Oboro's words, then tells him he needs to think before he talks. At that moment, Shota receives a call from Nemuri, warning him to start evacuating the area immediately, as there is a villain wrecking the neighborhood.

Just then, the villain releases one of the bulges on his back, releasing a powerful wave of energy that sweeps an extense area. Midnight uses the Hero Network to obtain information and reports His Purple Highness that she has already identified the villain. He is known as Garvey, he has previously committed crimes, including murders; and his Quirk Stock allows him to absorb, store and release attacks from his enemies. However, the data does not indicate that it had such destruction capacity as the one he is demonstrating at the time, which has allowed him to easily defeat the Buster Union. Mr. Purple orders Midnight to call for backup and help evacuate the area while he faces the villain to buy time.

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