Storming (ガサ人れ Gasa Hitore?) is the forty-ninth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


The show for the farewell of Captain Celebrity at the Tokyo Sky Egg begins. One by one, various Pro Heroes come on stage, followed by performances, until finally it is the turn of Captain Celebrity, being received by a standing ovation.

Meanwhile, while this is happening, the Police Force, along with the heroes Eraser Head and Fat Gum, prepare to raid Onomura Pharmaceuticals Kanto R&D Center. Naomasa's research had made them discover that one area of the property barely interacts with the rest of the departments. Plus, multiple individuals with ties to the villains attacks and drug trade have been spotted coming and going. Therefore, theorizes that this must be the Villain Factory’s base of operations.

When all the police force is ready, Naomasa gives the order to start the raid.

Posing as an employee, Monika gets the front door opened, and the police and heroes enter the place, arresting as many suspicious persons and seizing all possible evidence of illegal experiments and possession of unlawful substances. They hardly have any problems at first, thanks to Eraser Head and Fat Gum, who defeat the main threats, but when they arrive at the secret laboratory, they meet one of the Bombers.

When the creature prepared to self-destruct, Eraser Head cancels his Quirk with his Erasure, and Fat Gum launches on him to neutralize it. However, they discover to their horror that behind the first Bomber there are several more, too many for Aizawa to cancel the Quirks of all of them. And behind the creatures, is Number 6, who presses a device generating a huge explosion in the laboratory.

Number 6 manages to escape the explosion by grabbing the leg of one of the five surviving Bombers. The Villain admits to himself that, although he expected the authorities to end up discovering the secret laboratory, he was not expected to do it so soon. Despite this setback, he decides to continue with his plan to attack Captain Celebrity, heading with the Bombers to the Tokyo Sky Egg.

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  • The quote "This looks like a job for Captain Celebrity" that appears on the cover is based on one of the best known quotes of Superman.

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