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|volume = 5
|volume = 5
|date = May 11, 2015}}
|date = May 11, 2015}}
'''Fight on, Iida!''' (飯田くんファイト ''Īda-kun Faito'') is the forty-first chapter of [[Kohei Horikoshi|Kōhei Horikoshi's]] [[Boku no Hero Academia (Manga)|Boku no Hero Academia]].
'''Fight on, Iida!''' (飯田くんファイト ''Īda-kun Faito'') is the forty-first chapter of [[Kōhei Horikoshi|Kōhei Horikoshi's]] [[Boku no Hero Academia (Manga)|Boku no Hero Academia]].
== Summary ==
== Summary ==

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Fight on, Iida! (飯田くんファイト Īda-kun Faito) is the forty-first chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


After Izuku's surgery is completed, Recovery Girl warns Izuku not to abuse his power and that she won't heal anymore serious injuries for him again. She also asks All Might to find a different method Izuku can use to make better use of One For All. Izuku and All Might leave Recovery Girl's office.

While walking through the corridor, Izuku sadly tells All Might that he thinks that someone else should be his successor. However, All Might reveals to Izuku that he used to be Quirkless just like him, which surprises Izuku. Izuku says to All Might that he never knew about that information, causing All Might to reply that Izuku never asked him. All Might tells Izuku that he chose him to be his successor at first due to him being similar to his former self and admits to Izuku that he has surpassed his expectations after seeing Izuku's actions. All Might says to Izuku that only he will be able to truly shine with the power of One For All. Having been cheered up by his mentor, Izuku apologizes to All Might. All Might tells Izuku to watch the rest of the Sports Festival, to which Izuku complies.

Izuku returns to the stadium where the tournament event is being held, finding out that he missed two matches. Tenya approaches Izuku, glad to see that his friend's surgery went well. Izuku and Tenya chat to each other, about how Tenya defeated Ibara and that his brother has been watching the Sports Festival but cannot watch it fully as a result of busy work.

Meanwhile, Eijirou and Katsuki battle each other in the ring to determine the final contender in the Top 4. Eijirou manages to give Katsuki a more troublesome time than Ochako did. However, after Katsuki injures Eijirou with an Explosion, Katsuki realizes Eijirou's Quirk weakness; that Eijirou's Hardening weakness with consecutive strikes. Katsuki then assaults Eijirou with a continuous barrage of Explosion which greatly wounds Eijirou and knocks him out, making Katsuki the winner. The Top Four of the tournament event are Shouto, Tenya, Fumikage and now Katsuki.

Seeing that the battle between Eijirou and Katsuki is over, Tenya tells Izuku he will be back shortly as he heads to the ring.

The first match of the semi-finals is Shouto versus Tenya. The match begins with Shouto launching an ice attack at Tenya, but Tenya dodges Shouto's attack by jumping into the air. Tenya activates Recipro Burst and attacks Shouto with a speed-enhanced kick, but Shouto narrowly dodges. Tenya quickly counters and attacks Shouto with another speed-enhanced kick, which slams Shouto down onto the ground. Despite being injured, Shouto grabs Tenya's leg but Tenya kicks Shouto away. Tenya grabs Shouto and proceeds to try and throw Shouto out of bounds before Recipro Burst ends. However, along the way, Tenya realizes that there is ice in his mufflers and he slows down. Shouto tells Tenya that he put ice in his mufflers when he grabbed his leg and freezes Tenya's entire body. Due to being unable to move, Tenya is declared defeated and Shouto advances to the final round of the tournament event. While walking away, Shouto admits to Tenya that he could not fully evade his Recipro Burst and says that he expected no less from it.Tenya calls out to his brother.

Meanwhile, in an unknown area, there what appears to be a hero on the ground with blood everywhere. In the same area, a mysterious figure is disgusted by the fact that Pro Heroes call themselves "Heroes", saying that they are not worthy of being Heroes. The mysterious figure declares that there is only one person that is worthy of being called a Hero. The mysterious figure comes into the light, revealing a disfigured face covered with bandages. The bandaged figure claims that the only person who is worthy of being called a Hero is also the only one who is allowed to do him in and that Hero is All Might.

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