Starting Line (スタートライン Sutāto Rain?) is the fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Izuku, having used One For All for the first time, begins feeling the aftershock of the Quirk; his legs are broken as well as his right arm. Izuku tries to use One For All to make a safe landing but is unable to do so. The girl, who Izuku saved from the huge robot, uses her Quirk to make him float, saving him. The practical test is declared over, much to Izuku's unhappiness before he blacks out. The other participants' comment on Izuku's Quirk, calling him incredible and wonder if his earlier nature was to fool them. Tenya notices that Izuku's real intention was to save the girl and wonders about the truth of the exam.

Recovery Girl, U.A.'s nurse, appears on the scene and heals Izuku's injuries.

One week later, Izuku receives a letter to say whether he made it into U.A. or not. Izuku opens the letter, which reveals a screen with All Might on it. All Might tells Izuku that he apologizes for not contacting him sooner. He then says that he is going to work at U.A. All Might tells Izuku that he did fine on the written test, but scored zero points on the practical test, meaning he failed, much to Izuku's sadness. However, All Might then shows a video of Ochaco, asking Present Mic if she could share her points with Izuku because he saved her, much to his shock. All Might says that the judges were looking for more than just smashing robots; they were also looking for rescue points, which Izuku scored 60 points for saving Ochaco. All Might says that Izuku has passed and has been accepted into U.A. and will now be his Hero Academia, much to Izuku's joy.

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