Todoroki vs. Midoriya ( (とどろき) VS (バーサス) (みどり) () Todoroki VS Midoriya?) is the thirty-eighth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The battle starts with Izuku trying to strategize against Shoto. Shoto uses his Quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot to shoots pillars of ice towards Izuku on the ground. Izuku uses One For All on his middle finger and flicks it causing a funnel of air that destroys Shoto's ice. He then does the same thing again with his index finger and manages to hit him, but Shoto creates ice behind him to prevent being blown out of the ring. Shoto then uses his ice power on the ground and Izuku destroys the incoming ice using the wind pressure from his Quirk. Shoto uses his ice and creates a board to get into the air with. He then uses his ice power on the ground again, knocking Izuku back and in the process causes Izuku's foot to become trapped in the ice.

Shoto starts to attack the defenseless Izuku, but Izuku creates another wind pressure attack and frees himself while knocking Shoto back. After seeing Izuku's broken fingers, Shoto notes that Izuku is in a critical position and decides to end the battle by launching another wave of ice. Shockingly, however, Izuku fires another wind pressure attack, destroying the ice. Izuku criticizes Shoto for only using half his power while aiming for the top and says that Shoto hasn't even managed to injure him yet. Izuku clenches his broken right hand into a fist and yells at Shoto to fight him man to man. Angry, Shoto wonders what Izuku is planning.

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