Bakugo vs. Uraraka ( (ばく) (ごう) VS (バーサス) (うらら) () Bakugō VS Uraraka?) is the thirty-sixth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


The match between Katsuki and Ochaco begins with Ochaco making her move first. She tries to reach Katsuki, but Katsuki uses an Explosion on her. Katsuki reaches down to the floor to grab her, only to find Ochaco's jacket lying there. Ochaco moves behind Katsuki to attack him, however, Katsuki's reflexes allows him to attack her with an Explosion, knocking Ochaco back. Ochaco tries to get up first, but Katsuki reaches her more quickly and uses another Explosion on her. Katsuki then uses more Explosions on her, causing the crowd to rebuke Katsuki's actions. Shota criticizes the crowd for thinking that way, saying that Katsuki is on guard due to his opponent's strength. Ochaco, despite being battered and wounded from Katsuki's Explosion assault, thanks him for not letting his guard down as it allowed her to put her plan into motion; to create a meteor shower from all of the rubble utilizing the effects of her Quirk. Ochaco fires the meteor shower of rubble at Katsuki, planning to use the shower of rubble as a distraction so that she can attack him directly with her Quirk. However, Katsuki uses a huge Explosion, destroying Ochaco's meteor shower of rubble and knocking her back onto the ground at the same time. Ochaco gets up and starts to move towards Katsuki, however, her wounds prove to be too much and she finally collapses on the ground, unable to move. Midnight goes to check on her condition and declares that Ochaco is unable to battle anymore, thus Katsuki is the winner.

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