Cavalry Match Finale (騎馬戦決着 Kibasen Kecchaku) is the thirtieth chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


Katsuki assaults Team Monoma, but Katsuki is blocked off. However, Katsuki breaks through the defense and grabs two headbands. Hanta uses his tape to reel Katsuki back onto the warhorse.

Wanting to defeat Team Monoma, Katsuki orders his team to attack; having Hanta use his tape and Mina using her dissolving fluid. Team Bakugou rides on Mina's fluid using Hanta's tape to reel them faster, catching Team Monoma off guard. Katsuki and Neito clash but Katsuki's ambition to become Number One gives him the strength to defeat Neito and takes the rest of his headbands. Katsuki immediately decides to after Izuku and Shouto.

Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki have a final clash. Izuku uses One For All to create wind pressure which knocks away Shouto's blazing left arm. Shouto is shocked that he is using his fire power. Izuku grabs a headband thinking that it is the 10 million point headband and takes it from the shocked Shouto. After putting some distance between them, Izuku checks the headband but becomes surprised and stressed that it is a seventy-point headband. For the last ten seconds, Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki fight. Team Bakugou arrives but are too late to join the battle as the Human Cavalry Battle ends.

The first four teams advance to the final event of the Sports Festival: Team Todoroki places first, Team Bakugou places second, Team Shinsou places third. Izuku tries to apologize to his teammates, however, Fumikage reveals he grabbed a 615-point headband during Izuku’s fight with Shouto, putting Team Midoriya at fourth place, allowing them to advance, much to Izuku’s joy.

After the Human Cavalry Battle ends, the Sports Festival takes a noonday break. Shouto and Izuku confront each other. Izuku wonders what Shouto wants.

Meanwhile, The Number One Hero, All Might, greets the Number Two Hero, Endeavor. All Might states it has been a long time and invites him for tea.

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