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|previous = [[Chapter 1]]
|previous = [[Chapter 1]]
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|next= [[Chapter 3]]}}
'''Roaring Muscles!''' (うなれ筋肉, ''Unare Kinniku'') is the second chapter of [[Kōhei Horikoshi|Kōhei Horikoshi's]] [[Boku no Hero Academia]].
'''Roaring Muscles!''' (うなれ筋肉, ''Unare Kinniku'') is the second chapter of [[Kōhei Horikoshi|Kōhei Horikoshi's]] [[Boku no Hero Academia (Manga)|Boku no Hero Academia]].

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Template:Chapter Roaring Muscles! (うなれ筋肉, Unare Kinniku) is the second chapter of Kōhei Horikoshi's Boku no Hero Academia.


The chapter begins where is last ended off, with Izuku crying in joy for having his dream acknowledged. All Might tells Izuku that he is worthy to inherit his strength, confusing Izuku. All Might says that his Quirk can be passed down and has selected Izuku as his successor. All Might tells him that the name of his power is "One For All". Izuku asks why All Might would give his Quirk to him, to which All Might replies that he doesn't mind giving it to him and because he shined more than any of the other so called "Heroes". All Might says that the decision is his to make and Izuku decides to accept All Might's proposal.

All Might begins to train Izuku in order for his body to inherit One For All, saying that if he gave it to him now, his body would be blown to bits. All Might has Izuku clean the Seaside Bay of its trash as a great way to strengthen Izuku's body for the next 10 months, as U.A.'s Entrance Exam begins by then, wanting Izuku to become a vessel by then.

After 10 months of intense training, it is now the day of U.A.'s Entrance Exam. Izuku's body is now more refined and muscular, which causes All Might to say that he is now a genuine vessel. All Might decides to give Izuku his reward for having worked so hard for the last 10 months, saying he has earned it fair and square: the One For All Quirk. All Might gives Izuku a piece of his hair to eat, much to Izuku's confusion. All Might says that it doesn't matter how he takes his DNA, but due to the Entrance Exam beginning in a few hours, he needs to inherit it immediately.

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