Weapon (武器 Buki?) is the twenty-ninth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


The chapter opens as a giant, bug-like villain rampages down the streets of Naruhata. The Crawler appears, prepared to fight the evil-doer, but he is overpower and he tries to run away. He asks Jube Namimaru and Ichimoku Samazu to help him, but they wish him good luck and don't interfere. Pop☆Step appears and begins advertising a new show at the Marukane Department Store. She had called Captain Celebrity and the hero swoops in to defeat the villain. After being saved, Crawler is told by Captain Celebrity that they should go back to the penthouse and talk about how justice should be handled going forward. 

At the penthouse, Celebrity tells Koichi that he doesn't appreciate the extra workload he has to take whenever Koichi takes on a villain he can't handle and has to be saved. Koichi rebuttles by saying that the way quirk-powered society should work is that the pros should save citizens who can't handle the situation themselves. Kazuho asks Captain Celebrity if he could show up at Narufest to attract more people, but he says he's too busy. Koichi asks him why he's slacking at the penthouse if he's so busy. Celebrity tells him that Makoto Tsukauchi gives him a very busy schedule and that the penthouse is the only place he can escape to for relaxation. Makoto calls Koichi about Captain Celebrity's location, and he tells her where the Captain is. Makoto suddenly appears, and gets Celebrity to leave since they have a busy schedule ahead of them. Kazuho tells Koichi that maybe they should take on villains that aren't as tough. He mentions to her that maybe he should carry a weapon, but Kazuho advises against it. 

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