What a Man Takes with Him (男がその手に取るものは Otoko ga Sono Te ni toru Mono wa?) is the twenty-eighth chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's My Hero Academia Vigilantes.


Koichi washes Iwao's Brass Knuckles

Koichi cleaning his master's weapons.

At Koichi's Penthouse, he and Kazuho Haneyama find Knuckleduster's mask and brass knuckles. Kazuho wonders why Knuckleduster would leave them there since they just parted in town. Koichi thinks that Knuckle went by afterwards and dropped them off there. He believes maybe Oguro might have left them there to be cleaned.

Koichi washes the brass knuckles when Makoto Tsukauchi arrives. Makoto asks him where Knuckleduster is, for she wants to interview him. Koichi tells her that Ogruo isn't there, and she goes inside to give Kazuho some more letters.  

At a hospital, Soga Kugizaki sits next to a hospital bed. Soga sees Tamao Oguro's arm slide off the bed, and he tucks it back in the covers. Tamao wakes up to see Soga, then proceeds to comment that he is scary looking. She says that her head hurts, and asks where her father is. Knuckleduster appears with a grocery bag. As Soga leaves, Knuckle thanks him for the help, then offers Tamao some yogurt.

Oguro taking care of Tamao

"I am here"

Tamao tells him that her head hurts, and Knuckleduster puts the bag of food down. He tells his daughter that she should get some sleep. Tamao asks where her mother is, and Knuckle tells her that she just missed her. Knuckle remembers his wife being rolled down a hallway in a hospital bed.

Back at the penthouse, Kazuho arrives with a large bulletin board. She tells Koichi that it's for fan mail. However, he decides that he can also hang up Knuckleduster's belongings, as well as the trash and recycling schedule. Over narration, Koichi mentions how Knuckleduster left a strong presence in his home despite the fact that he was no longer there.

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