Business as Usual (俺たちのいつものシゴト Oretachi no Itsumo no Shigoto?) is the twenty-seventh chapter of Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


At Koichi Haimawari's penthouse, Kazuho Haneyama rewatches a recording of the show that Koichi made. She shows him the three fan letters that she received, then proceeds to excitedly rewatch the recording. Kazuho asks where Knuckleduster is, for she wants to brag to him about the letters. She tells Koichi that she needs people to brag to since she can't mention her identity of PopStep to her friends and family. 

On the streets of Naruhata, the Three Sturm und Drang Brothers move swiftly through a crowd, stealing men and women's undergarments as they go. The angry group of people chase the thieves as the brothers approach another woman. Just as they are about to attempt stealing her panties, the woman jumps up. She takes off her disguise to reveal that she is PopStep. Koichi zooms in as the Crawler, and attempts to slide into the thieve's legs and trip them. However, just as he nears them, the brothers jump over him. Crawler turns around and tries again, but he fails a second time. Knuckleduster appears and quickly defeats the Sturm ung Drang Brothers. As Crawler and Knuckleduster distance themselves from the fallen criminals, the brothers get surrounded by the angry mob and are beaten. 

PopStep stands on a nearby roof. Desire approaches her in a trenchcoat. He comments that he has one desire. He wishes to soar into the bright sky. Desire takes off his trenchcoat, revealing his naked body, and flies into the air using large wings on his back. PopStep gets so startled that she falls off the roof and lands on Crawler. Crawler remarks that Desire has a quirk that requires him to be nude to work. Once Desire gets too high in the air, he drops into the crowd. He gets back up and tries to fly up again. Knuckleduster appears behind him and catches the offender. Knuckle then ties Desire to a lamppost.

Close by, a man uses his quirk to grope women without really touching them. However, Knuckleduster quickly knocks him out. Crawler asks Knuckleduster if he wants to go with them back to his penthouse. Knuckle says that he's too busy, and walks off into an alleyway.

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