Just One Week ( (いっ) (しゅう) (かん) Isshūkan?) is the two hundred and fifty-first chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Ending yells to Endeavor that under the most extreme circumstances, a hero will never kill someone. Ending, however, cites how Endeavor killed Hood and compares himself to said Nomu after the life he's led, so Endeavor doesn't have to worry about killing another "puppet". Just as Ending tells Endeavor to not hold back, he covers the car with Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto with the road lines.

Endeavor Agency vs. Ending

Izuku, Shoto and Katsuki rush straight towards Ending.

The three blast their way out of the car with the chauffeur tossing them their hero equipment. Ending takes a step back when he sees the interns, giving Endeavor an opportunity to attack the off-balance villain. However, when he sees Natsuo being held in front of Ending, Endeavor slows down, not wanting to endanger him, and allowing the three students to press forward.

Ending laments how his "flames of hope" will still act as a hero even when his son's life is in danger, as Shoto successfully compresses the power of flames into a single point, destroying the road lines Ending sent at him while demanding the villain release his brother.

Ending starts manipulating the road lines all along the highway, saying that because Endeavor took his time killing him, he will make corpses pile up, sending several incoming cars into the air and putting Natsuo directly in the path of a car. Katsuki successfully condense and release his Quirk at a single point and launches himself at full speed at Ending, retrieving the restrained Natsuo while declaring that there will be no corpses if he can help it.

Deku utilizes Blackwhip to save civilians

Deku uses Blackwhip to rescue civilians from Ending.

As Izuku sees all the cars on the road flying in the air, he jumps into the air using Delaware Smash Air Force while thinking back to what Endeavor said about doing things subconsciously and successfully unleashes Blackwhip, saving all the cars while yelling that he won't let any of Ending's wishes come true, thus proving that his internship with Endeavor bore its fruit. The shocked Ending is then defeated by a fire-covered punch from Shoto.

As Endeavor embraces Natsuo (and Katsuki, much to his annoyance), grateful that his son's life is safe, he remarks internally how in one week, the three of them were able to successfully put what he had been teaching them into practice, as their growth was able to save a life.

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Chapter Notes

  • The battle between the Endeavor Agency and Ending concludes and Natsuo is saved.
    • Katsuki and Shoto successfully compressed their power to a point.
    • Izuku is shown controlling Blackwhip.

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