Recommended Reading (オススメ Osusume?) is the two hundred forty-fourth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto are chasing after Endeavor through the city for their internship. Izuku remarks that Endeavor is extremely fast, which Shoto recognises as his Flashfire technique.

In a business district, Starservant is floating high above the streets between the buildings, proclaiming that the world will soon be cloaked in darkness. The civilians see him as more of a nuisance than as a threat as they go about their business.

Starservant suddenly starts absorbing the glass from the windows of the buildings, gathering the glass into a giant sphere to prepare his super move, Enlightened Fallen King. He launches the glass ball down the street, calling for the root of the darkness to appear. The glass ball does not go far before Endeavor flies into it and shatters it with Flashfire Fist. Endeavor confronts Starservant, who flees. As Endeavor gives chase, Starservant leads him through an alley where he has three minions ready to ambush him. As the minions prepare to attack, Izuku and Katsuki charge in ready to attack them, but Hawks flies in and takes all three of them out himself.

Shoto arrives as Izuku and Katsuki recover. Endeavor defeats Starservant and tells Hawks he is supposed to contact him if he wants to meet, and Hawks claims he was just passing by. As the police arrive to take Starservant away, he starts saying that Endeavor is the root of the darkness that the world is about to fall into. Endeavor seems affected by what Starservant is saying, but the police ignore him completely, affirming Endeavor's abilities as the top Hero. Hawks briefly chats with the three interns. Izuku introduces himself politely, Hawks reminisces his internship with Fumikage Tokoyami, and Katsuki claims he was faster than Hawks.

Endeavor asks Hawks what he wants, to which Hawks deflects the question completely before promoting the Paranormal Liberation Front's book. Outwardly, Hawks gushes about how popular the book is and how relevant Destro's ideology is, but inwardly Hawks apologizes for being so vague, since he's wired and cannot say what he wants to say directly, and he begs Endeavor to read in between the lines. Endeavor is taken aback by Hawks' words.

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  • Hawks sent Fumikage Tokoyami to do sidekick work in his hometown.
  • Hawks passes Destro’s book to Endeavor while telling him that there is a message for him.

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